Valentine's Day Collaboration 2013

My Pre-Valentine's Day Date.

NEWS: Got an Invite from Iwhite Korea.

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler

There’s a good reason makeup artists won’t put mascara on their clients until they bust out this bad boy: It has a long bed plate that actually curls lashes. (Other curlers simply bend them, which can damage fragile hairs.) And its curved angle gets every last stray. As Polito puts it, “Nothing gives a stronger curl than Shu.” - INSTYLE 

2013 Hottest Spring Colors by Virginia Olsen.



Hello everyone! Since I started blogging for the public I told myself that I'll try my best to make a monthly post but yeah I know, I failed. So now that it's 2013, I give it a try. :)

Here are my January Favorite items. :) 

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