Coming Back + Outfit Post + New Friend

Hey everyone! 

I'm back! How are you all? Sorry that It took me months and this long for a simple reason, NEW WORK. And you guys know what that means. I got a better job and offer months ago and I'm taking it seriously though I know that my love for blogging will suffer, I still took the step then. I was motivated to work again and since I resigned before I had this job I was doing nothing, literally. Though I was blogging and taking Make-up gigs then, I'm not satisfied with it, so, I finally gave in to be a "better" Corporate Slave. HAHA. 

Though I'm busy I still update my other accounts like  Instagram, Twitter and Yes, FB. I seriously loose weight. Probably and basically because of work and diet. Oh! Please! Don't ask what plan I'm in cos I don't have any. HAHA. Can I just say Balance Diet, sounds intriguing, right? 

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