DERMABLEND: Sam Milby's Meet & Greet

Hello Everyone! 

I really don't know how to start this but I'll just get into details. Since I met the persons behind Diana Stalder and Dermablend I was named after Sam Milby (EHEM! Please call me MRS. MILBY HAHAHA) because they knew that he was my ultimate crush. HAHA. And after months of waiting, I got a super great news from DS that they will have a Meet and Greet. I waited for 4 months for this and it was actually moved because Sam got an invite from Cannes Film Festival and he has to attend (Naks! Alam ko talaga?) After then, I was so excited to see him. So, let me tell you what happened that day. 

I really can't count how many people was there at the event. But I can all assure you that(that) was a huge one. And while waiting for him,  few talented people performed and gave us total entertainment. 

Ideal Protein "Outifit " for Diana Stalder.

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