BBfied HD BB Pigment Mix

A lot of people have been asking me about this. 
So here, I make a review just for all of you. 

First I got this from SNOE's Blogger Event (read HERE)  which I got from the box they gave (read HERE) that night. Thank you for being so generous Ms. Jen! :)

So, what is a pigment? 
Some would ask what does it do, what's the difference between a pigment and an ordinary powder. 

pigment is a material that changes the color of reflected or transmitted light as the result of wavelength-selective absorption. This physical process differs from fluorescencephosphorescence, and other forms of luminescence, in which a material emits light.


Actually, this is just a sample and I haven't bought the bigger one. 
With this, It's in a circular jar that has holes at the center.
The outer part of the design or layout of the product is very attractive yet simple. So genius!!! 

Diana Stalder's SBF Collagen Cream

Hi Girls!!!
I know it's been a while since I last posted a review post. 
The Christmas rush in the office were so tight that we need to finish all the works before we hit the sack for few days. :)

I got this from the Blogger Event of Diana Stalder (What happened? read HERE) wherein they gave us this as a plus from the loot bag. So generous!!!
And honestly, that night when I got home, I opened it and yeah, used it already. :) 


It was tightly sealed which is better to prevent it from any harmful bacteria's and all. It's in a circular jar that has a cover on top. But I think, this is better if put in a tube to have a control over the product than dipping your bare fingers on it for almost everyday. But this is fine though, it is so handy and light. 

Deal Dozen for today: 50% OFF SHI LIN's Delicious Handmade Dumplings & Noodles

Hello Girls! 

Question: What's your favorite Food? or Cuisine? 
If I were to answer that it would definetelly be.. Noodles and Dumplings and some California Maki. :) 

Saw this post this morning and I am surprised, 50% off? WAW!!! That's a steal. :) 

Here's a Christmas Promo for you guys! :)

I Visited Schutzen at The World Trade Center

A usual Friday for me at work. Launching of my Year-end Giveaway (join here Year-end Giveaway). I went to Shangrila to meet my Blogger friends and we had a blast. All the way from ortigas, I went to MOA to have some dinner and yes, WENSHAV whick didn't push through because something came up. A better one. :) 
I got a call from Ms. Mau asking me if I can make it that night and so I said yes, since I was just around the area. She told me that she'll introduce me to the "man behind" Schutzen. :) 
I didn't even think twice when she told me that, I hired a taxi and push myself to World Trade Center. :)


As we all know, December is a giving month and almost all of us are gathering for an specific event which is CHRISTMAS. People give gifts to each other, exchanging as well.
As for me, my blogger friends and yes! Schutzen planned to give you guys something for Christmas. 
Schutzen gave me 10 notebooks (so generous) to give to my readers and followers.
 I feel so blessed about the sponsorship because I wasn't expecting it this way. I just feel so happy that they gave their trust to me. Oh....... Enough of me!!! HAHA.

I am pleased to give you these prizes. :)
Let me introduce you to my fellow Blogger friends. :)

Gen of
Eyah of
Sam of

Come closer Repetto.

I have been wanting to be part of any ballet organizations or maybe just a class or so.
Since I met my friend way back in 90's whose attending her Ballet class then, I get envy of her and started to ask my mama if I can join her. But, she didn't allowed me for a simple reason that our home is so far from the studio where she's having her class.

And so... I listed that down to my Someday... DREAMS..

I started to feel envy every time I see kids with there (pointe) ballet shoes on and wearing those little tiny ballerina dress. :)

Flats are so in at the moment. We call it flats or ballet shoes. And maybe because of  the comfort it gives to our restless feet and the designs are getting bigger and better from time to time. I have like 8 pairs of them and yeah, planning to buy more and I found this store in Greenbelt named REPETTO. 

For SALE: NARS Firming Foundation in Sta. Fe

She's still on sale. Please Contact me if you're interested. :) Thank You! :) 

Holiday Beauty Collab Giveaway. Open WORLDWIDE!

Hello everyone! :) 
15 more days before Christmas and YES! We are feeling a little more generous to giveaway some items to all of you! 
I met them thru the bloggers community also and decided to have this giveaway for you guys! 

Scroll down please. :) 

New Collab Giveaway for a Philippine Based and International follower! :)

I am happy to announce that I will be having a new collab! :) 

The Body Shop Lip & Cheek Tint

Been seeing this poster/ad for quite long now.
Last, Wednesday(Nov. 28, 2012) I had to meet some new friends together with ♥. 
Had dinner at Congo Grille in El Pueblo in Ortigas. We went to The Podium to buy some stuffs for their child.
We went with them to look for a foundation. They went to a bookstore and I went to The Body Shop and saw this baby. The saleslady told me that the sale was until the end of November(but i think it's still available) only and as a impulsive buyer at times (HAHAHA) I meadiateley get my card and boom! swipe swipe! HAHA. And for the nth time, I finally got my hand on it for a cheaper price.

NARS Firming Foundation in Sta Fe

PRODUCT: NARS Firming Foundation in  Sta Fe.

Product Description: (NARS says...) :A medium-to-full coverage firming foundation. 
What it does:NARS Firming Foundation lifts, strengthens, and protects the skin with a patented Polypeptide Firming Complex. Appropriate for all skin types, this naturally pigmented blend offers lasting coverage while restoring new levels of beauty to the skin. In addition to firming, powerful antioxidants will combat free radical damage to improve the skin's health and reveal a brighter, more radiant complexion.What else you need to know: The Polypeptide Firming Complex utilizes a potent combination of Dermaxyl, Vitamin E Acetate, peptides, and plant extracts to relax facial muscles, reduce inflammation, and promote collagen production. Skin is visibly lifted and feels significantly firmer after eight weeks.

STORE/PLACE BOUGHT: From a friend of mine.
PRICE: (Selling at P2,750) Got it for 2000php ONLY, BRANDNEW  (disconnected product)

I am really craving for some NEW foundation for my up coming gigs and yeah for my personal use as well. So, I went to Rustan's in Shang and find what product line and shade I need. Then a friend told me that she's selling this foundation and I told her I want it and ill get it. Good thing that this perfectly matches my skin tone. Lucky Me huh?! :)

The Product: 

The  box  really looks elegant and  sophisticated.

JaJa Collaboration Christmas Giveaway!

Christmas is the month that we've been waiting for. Time for gift giving and sharing. 
So I and 3 more Bloggers decided to give you girls a simple gifts.
Spread the love and our GIVEAWAY! 

Diana Stalder PAINLESS FACIAL Blogger's Party

Hey  Girls!!! 

                    How do you spend your weekend?  Do you spend it with your family, boyfie or friends? 
How do you to spend your free time? Do you just stay at home,  go shopping, or get pampered?
Let me share  you on how I did. 

My Blogger Friend, Mitchie invited us to attend to this party and so I did. I texted the number listed on the ad.
I waited for my friend, Gen for almost 3 hours ( I really need to be pampered, *wink* hihi)
Anyhoo, from Megamall to  Eastwood we hired a taxi and walked along the streets of Eastwood. 

New Blog Layout.

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