Diana Stalder PAINLESS FACIAL Blogger's Party

Hey  Girls!!! 

                    How do you spend your weekend?  Do you spend it with your family, boyfie or friends? 
How do you to spend your free time? Do you just stay at home,  go shopping, or get pampered?
Let me share  you on how I did. 

My Blogger Friend, Mitchie invited us to attend to this party and so I did. I texted the number listed on the ad.
I waited for my friend, Gen for almost 3 hours ( I really need to be pampered, *wink* hihi)
Anyhoo, from Megamall to  Eastwood we hired a taxi and walked along the streets of Eastwood. 

It all payed off upon seeing this!

Lasagna, Muffins, Chicken and Fish Fillet and Sandwich for mirienda. Generous and Responsible people around! :) 
(Grabbed from Gen)

Grabbed  from Diana Stalder Page.

Happy girls deserves some pamper moments by socializing with our fellow bloggers. :)

Genzel, Mitchie and yours truly, Ana. :) 

Me, Eli and Gen.

The place looks so fresh,  so relaxing and yes, feels like your in good hands. 
The place was so simple but looks very accommodating and  vibrant. As an Interior (undergrad) Student, I didn't meant to be a critic at that time. I was amazed by the place, though it's not that big it's still looks spacious and  the rooms? Big, cozy and comfy looking .*reminiscing*

They gave us a  tour and I guess I'm the  super hyper kid that time. 
The equipment's look new to my eyes. HAHA. I was like, WAW! Galing! 

The Massage Room

The Facial Room.  This is where  the best part of the day happened. *blush*
And also, the raffle was held here. Gift Certificate and a Diana Stalder Usb was given to us. 
I got the 1000php  GC. Hoooray! I am not lucky when it comes to raffles but Diana Stalder was so generous enough to give us each a prize. 

Look what I got! :))  Hoooray!!! Thanks Diana Stalder! :)

 After the tour, while waiting for the first 3 girls who are  already having their facial , we sat in a room to have a casual talking. The Introduction held here also earlier. 

Mr. Labora is the Marketing Manager of DS. He gave us a quick history telling about the products and DS.

Discussions with Dra.Deanne Asdala. 
She looks like Ms. Jessy Mendiola in person. :) 
She's hella good, I mean she  knows what she's saying. :) 

The ambiance was so relaxing. Makes me wanna stay there all day. 

My turn. I am so  happy and flattered to know that I really don't have to visit  a derma clinic that often because my skin on my face doesn't really need a facial.It's clean and still okay based on Ms. Au. 
And so, my face is on the good hands of Ms. Au! She even gave me a shoulder massage while waiting for the mask to dry.  

Looks really Scary huh!? 

I was the first to come to the finish line, maybe because there's nothing so much to clean. 
The facial was s damn good! I was actually hesitant to go through this because of the equipment they've used to the other bloggers. 
They have this device for the negative current something, you have to hold a metal device with a running current, I was so scared because I have braces on, it might  run to that brackets. 

HONESTLY, It's really painless. I haven't tried  pricking my nose or whatsoever but I gave my trust to them and I swear! It's realllllly PAINLESS.  My skin became softer, fresher  and cleaner.

The best part ? Ms. Dina the mother of DS was so nice, she doesn't care if we just met that day, she's so nice and accommodating actually, everyone was. They have the best employees and I don't know they nailed it! Super fun day! :)

TELL ME!!! What's your verdict? 
Diana Stalder promised to bring the better me, and so they did! 
Thank you so much Diana Stalder! :)

And i was tagged as MRS. MILBY. 
I am looking forward to blog and vlog the next thread of this post. I hope DS will let me meet my SAM. LOL Oh! our SAM MILBY! Saaaary! HAHA.

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(photo credits from Diana Stalder, Genzel ad Joyce)

 xo, A. 


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