BLOGGED : WHIB 08.25.12 ETC Fashion Flea Market

Went to Ronac Art Center last Aug. 25, Saturday. Straight from work I went there feeling a bit tired and yes! hungry at the same time that's why I didnt get the chance to take pictures a lot. 
The Tix was priced 99PHP and you'll get  tote bag with a 14 day program Fitnesse Cereals. 
I got 2 of course! And, and, and.... they also had this signing up thingy plus the raffle. :) 

Upon entering, you'll see how small the place and how they are close to each other that theyre seating outside the stalls. I was a bit disappointed about the numbers of the shops who joined the bazaar and some of them were the ones who also joined Urban Bazaar. 
I left Ronac Art after like 25mins. Though tey have this Blogger's lane, I wasnt able to meet a blogger. hihi. 

That would be all for tonight! Nyters! :)
 xo, A. ❤

WHIB 08.19.12 : Urban Bazaar 2012

Bazaar again! :)

@ Rockwell Tent

100PHP for the tix ang you get to join their raffle. :)
Filled up 2 tix *wink* 

And win these..

I dropped my entry into Camille Co's box.

Look what I found a box of stamps. I so love stamps! :) 

They have  it in  sizes. The Small, Medium and of course, Large. 
And they are cheap too. 
The bigger you get the more stamps you get. :)

The Spork! Good for travelling, I got one! 

Saw these babies but didn't purchase any cos the owl's not available. 

Cute slip ons. Theyre 150PHP. Not bad at all. 

I saw this kiosk selling SOPHIA Eyelash Enchancer, The stall also sells mineral powder and eyeshadows. It's Virgina Olsesn btw. The colors are so wonderful and looks so pigmented. I wasnt able to take a lot of pictures because I havent had lunch then so I was in a bit hurry to check on all the stalls. :) 

They're selling it for 2700 but for this particular event they went down a bit. For a  3-day bazaar they're just offering it for 2000PHP. I was like Oh my! Cheaper nga! BUT, BUT, BUT I was hesitant to buy because of this "regret feeling" and I haven't see or read a review about it. So, yeah! There!

They also sell brushes as well. :) 

A shot from Digital Traincase Make-Up section mirror. :)

QDR na sila oh! Sosyal! :) You just have to scan it to get their info. :) 

Look at that colorful ceiling. :) So vibrant to my eyes! :) 

Pouches from 600 down to 200. Bought 2 for my cams. :) 

I love the bags. 

I really don't know how to call these stuff but yeah! I bought a brighter orange. :)

Serves as our BRUNCH. :) Yihee! :) 

I really know know why I so love attending or joining bazaars. Maybe because of the beneficiaries it'll support or maybe! :D I just love splurging a bit, discovering and yeah! metting other people! :) 

 xo, A. 

Robinson's Dept. Store August Beauty Fair.

All about PINK Lipsticks.

THESE are just some of my pink lipsticks.
They are my favorites! :)

Lemme share them with you! :)

The first Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick I had were in the shade Love that 
Red, Mauvey and Skin.
I really didn't notice that they have these shades.

The Pinkier side of Pink Flame. It's Offbeat Pink

Pink Flame. My so fave! :) 

It's like the natural color of your lips. Honestly, this is the color of my lips whenever I wake up in the morning. It's just that this one's more matte and not so shiny and LOL of course,without saliva. HAHAHA. Kidding aside, i guess this is the natural color of my lips 'coz every time i put this on my lips?  it's like I'm not wearing it at all. 

I was surprised how the price went up that fast. 
It's  155.00PHP now. 
My first 3 pieces from the same line of collection was priced 125 and i got them on sale for only 99.00PHP.
Look how big that was but I guess it's worth it. Not only because it's way cheaper than other branded lipsticks but I guess it's the performance and the feeling of joy whenever you put it on your lips. :)
I would definitely recommend these babies to you girls incase you wanna go for a natural looking lipsticks. *wink* 

NYX Round Lipstick in Hot Pink. 

I got this from an event ( Super Sale Bazar ). Purchased this from  The Make Up Store last July. The variety of Pink lipsticks then was overwhelming that I event went gaga over them and I even swatched them all. LOL.
And I have decided to just get this one. 
It's 150.00PHP. 

Wet n' Wild in 5110B

I bought this last year with my sister. She got the 9110D ( RED ). This shade was so stunning that it glitters. 
It's very pigment, hard to swipe off on your lips. Eat and it will still stay. Rub and it will still AGAIN, Stay. :)
Great buy for this. :)
Got this for 299.00PHP I saw it in SM Megamall and was re-priced at 149.00PHP WT!!! But I will definitely purchase again. :) 

Onto the Swatches Ladies! :)

I hope you got some tips and tricks! :) Stay Confident on rockin' and putiing Make-ups! 

 xo, A. 

The Balm Bahhama Mama Vs. Fanny Serrano Two-way Cake

Since I have a rounded-square-edgy face and my cheeks are so HUGE I need to do some contouring. like A LOT. lol.

 Bahama Mama Bronzer by The Balm VS. Fanny Serrano Two-way Cake in Rajah

I am a smacker when it comes to the packaging. Read my post HERE
And look! How cute these babies are. :) 

Can you see the difference? :) The Bahama Mama looks more deeper than the FS. 

Now onto the Swatches. 

With natural lighting. 

Can you tell which suits your skin? 
The Bahama Mama gives a deeper and more contoured look than the FS which has a more orangey color ( and it doesn't fit to my skin that much ) What I do is that I blend them to give my cheekbones a more depth making sure that they blend really well. 

With Flash 

With the longevity of each product. I must say that both are long wearing. The FS kinda last for 8 to 9 hours while the BM lasted for 6-7 hours. 

Now, which of these two is your bet/ suits you? :) 
Prices: Bahama Mama by The Balm, 775/895PHP 
Fanny Serrano Two-way Cake, 399.75 PHP 

 xo, A. 

Phil-Cosmetics|Expo 2012

Urban Bazaar! Check!

Real Technique Brushes (Core Collection & Eye Starter Set)

I have been wanting these brushes since I knew about it.
and  FINALLY...
I gave in! :)

It took me a month or two to have them because it's a pre-order item from Stuffinstyle 
Ms. Windy always tells me whenever she has brushes but unfortunately i can't afford to pay thru bank deposit because of my hectic schedule at the office. And so, last August 14, she informed me that she has a Core Collection and Eye Starter Set on hand.  I was torn then until I said to myself  "GET it or else you'll regret it" and so were settled that day also. Paid thru G-Cash and didn't went thru the free shipping on their multiply site. THOUGH, the service fee of G-Cash was big but I still gave in! *giggles* 


How to Protect Your Brushes|Brush Guards by Suesh Make-up Toolkit

We love our brushes that we want to ensure it's life and save the bristles from falling. In addition, we would love to see them in perfect shape and performance like we used it the first time. 
And this is HOW.PROTECT and AVOID your brushes from:

  • OIL


It is a flexible, breathable sheath which slips over the brush handle and slides up to cover the bristles,providing and insuring protection for make-up brushes. It also allows our brushes to breath and dry bristle-down so water can’t damage the ferrule. And it dries in perfect shape and lasts longer!
With The Brush Guard, all make-up brushes can be stored or packed without a worry in a purse, kit or roll. Now brushes can go anywhere without risk of damage.

Ever since I had my first brush i've always wanted to buy brush guards and the only store i knew that selling them was Mary Pauline(Buendia) and that was 5 years ago. Homaaay!!! 
And so... I planned to myself a set when I went to Beauty Cosmetics Stall in Market-Market and Yes! I didn't get any because it's out stock. And I also planned to buy online and yes! again.. i didn't and so last Saturday I went to Trinoma to just look around and thought of visiting Suesh and finally decided to get myself a set. 
They actually came in different sizes and Oh! the pieces too. The one from the US was the one I wanted first. 

It comes in ONLY 5 pieces for 259PHP. An it also comes with a instructional paper inside. 

The Brush Guards come in 5 different packs:Variety PackShadow/Liner PackBlush PackFoundation PackPowder/Kabuki PackPhotos are from HER.  Thank You! :) 
Other Packs of Brush Guards comes with 10pcs. 15pcs. Buy it HERE and HERE

  • 5 small 
  • 5 medium  (Fit for Eyeshadow, Liner, Bullet, Concealer, Smudge, Crease, Sponge, Mascara, Flat Definer, etc..)
  • 5 large (Fit for Foundation, Powder, Kabuki, Stippling, Blush, Contour/Bronzer, Angled, etc..) 

What I Finally Purchased?  SUESH Make-up Toolkit's BRUSH GUARDS
Look at their packaging. :) Although it's in plastic form it looks very sophisticated. It brings and gives us a very PRO vibes. It's only 259php. :) 

 It says, PROFESSIONAL MAKE-UP TOOL KITS INSIDE. Isn't that sweet? It's like you are already a part of them. 

Consist of: 

  • 5 small
  • 5 large

They're very effective in a way that it helps your brushes live longer, breath normal and can still do "as they promised" perfect performance. With The Brush Guard in place, makeup brushes can go anywhere safely. 

*not a paid BLOG.

xo, A. 
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