Happy Sunday with my FABFAM.

Last sunday, December 3, 2011. I was so excited though I'm tired and still feeling dizzy I have decided to come with my family and attend the weekly mass. Since lately I often attend masses at 5:30pm right after my COY day we go straight to mass and eat out. I made a promise to come with my family on this day because my schedule is effin busy and since i got my job i often bond with them. I get to see them in the morning and right after my eyes shut off. We always attend mass, but on this day? I had a different feeling, the feeling of completeness, happiness and blessed. I was surprised how GOD touched me on this day. Realizations Strikes, Answered Prayer and Questions Answered  all by HIM. I cant forget this day, It's like my ice breaker for the following week. I AM SO HAPPY. 

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