BLOGGED|HAUL: NARS Drawstring Pouch Mini Set

Who doesn't love NARS? 
I am always on hunt for new products to feature on my blog and now, I am presenting to you NARS.


How do you keep your hair from the UV rays of the sun?
I guess not all hair products can give you UV protection. Right?
I've used a lot of products but this gave me the BEST result.

STORE/PLACE BOUGHT: Snoe' Blogger's Event
PRICE: 199.00 (originally, 249.00) On sale for 20%

What's inside my SNOE Box? :)

It's almost a week and yet I am still amazed on how SNOE Beauty Inc made all those humongous  named products. 
I am completely blown away on how the owner invested effort, knowledge and everything in between to come up with a very fantastic, effective and artistic packaged products.

Here you go.. The box that I got which they gave on their 3rd Annual Blogger Event.

SNOE Gift Box Teaser.

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SNOE Hair Heroes Teaser.

ANAlysisofmylife... · Post 


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Beauty Bloggers United (BBU) 1st Giveaway Winners.

Hi Girls!!! These are the winners of our FIRST ever giveaway in BBU. 
Congratulations!!! Thank you for your support and love that you exerted to make this giveaway more possible! :) 


This is my first ever review of a  SNOE product.     
I was so  surprised yesterday, i was surrounded by their products and gorgeous ladies who used their items few times already. 

So, let's get started. :)


SNOE The Past, Present & The Future 3rd Semi-Annual Blogger Event

Last week my friend, Genzel asked me if I can come with her on Saturday and that's Nov. 17. She gave me the details and I filled it up right away. I was hesitant at first because of the dress code "futuristic fashion" i was like, WHAT SHOULD I WEAR? Lol.
But that didn't stopped me to back out. :) 
I gave in! :)

So, we will see. I am very excited and at the same time i will be able to meet my blogger buddy-to-be. 
See you on my Next post! :)

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SM Department Store is on SALE Nationwide. The Bags, Shoes, and Luggage's

SM Department Store is on SALE Nationwide. The Bags, Shoes, and Luggage's. 

And ALSO..

They will be having a THANKSGIVING SALE on Thursday, Nov. 22, 2012.

Happy Shopping to y'all. :)

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Lookbook Looks. :)

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What do you think? Should I post more?! HAHA. 

First Outfit Post.

Hey Girls,
                This serves as my First Outfit Post I guess? LOL. i kinda feel a bit boyish that time and mixed these things together and came up looking okay (Do I?) 

  1.  Forever 21 V-Neck
  2. Scarp Scarf Necklace ( Read HERE)
  3. Old Navy Demin
  4. KEDS in Off White

My fave KEDS. 

My DKNY eye glasees. Glad that I wouldn't have to wear it because the grade of my eyes are now okay. 

Got these for a very cheap price. I also bought it in a Bazaar and I think its in Supersale. 

My classy looking nails. :)

I really don't know whatto say but What do you think? Should I continue to post some of my outfit post publicly? :D 

Here's my Lookbook account: Kindly check and let me know If I should continue to do this or what. Hehe. 

Thanks Girls! 

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 xo, A. 

Holika Holika Egg Soap. Soon.

I am really excited for you!

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BLOGGED|REVIEW: Lucas Papaw Ointment

The long wait has finnnnally ended today as i give you my own Review of 


For weeks that I have been craving for this it finally arrived straight from Aussie. :)

My officemate Kat went to Australia to visit her Grandma, She's been doing that for years now. She stayed there for almost a month and I told her that i will give her my list  before she leaves while we are exchanging thoughts and laughs.. Weeks passed  I was thinking what to ask from her vacay, I basically thought of Makeups, Food, Etc then I remembered, why not LP? I surfed the web, looked for the price and location where to purchase. She messaged me after a day that it's not avail in the nearest store in their place. And then I received a message thru FB, and it was from her saying that she got me 2! Hoooray!!! a
And here are they items i got from her.. :)

Happy Girl! Happy Me! :)

Lucas Papaw Review this Weekend! :)

Since our Internet connection is f***ck** up here in the office. I have to wait 'til weekend to upload the photos. :( 
Sorry girls! Blog feed soon. :) 

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