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Glaminar Artistry's Make-Up Seminar ( First Batch)

Contouring for your face shape.

Contouring is the oldest technique in makeup and a great makeup artist’s secret tool. Not many women know about it and the technique is advanced. So handle with care so you don’t end up looking overdone. The key is less is more. Your makeup should be simple and natural (by that I don’t mean no make up). It’s your face we want to notice not the make up.
Women beauty
When you contour you will change, accentuate, hide, strengthen and define your face

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7 Deadly Beauty Sins ( okay, maybe not but they're bad! )

Okay lets fess up, all of us are guilty of a beauty blunder here or there at least once in our lives.
Starting from that time you were 4 years old and thought taking to your locks with a pair of plastic safety scissors would leave you with an edgy ‘do à la Jem and the Holograms only to wind up with a hack job that looks like it came compliments of Edward Scissorhands.
I wont even mention the time you shaved off half your eyebrows in hopes of sky high arches like Marilyn Monroe only to wind up looking more like Marilyn Manson. Beauty is a learning experience, right?
Hopefully none of you are still recovering from any really bad blunders, and to help you out here is a list of 7 beauty sins to avoid, at all costs.
1) Not washing off makeup before bed.
Paris Hilton wrote about how she never washes her face at night, and it helps her get the perfect dewy smoky bedroom-eye look. No one wants to be Paris Hilton. Wash your face. Not only will makeup and dirt residue clog your pores creating a breeding ground for acne causing bacteria, but you’re also risking eye infection. Besides who wants to wake up looking like a raccoon. Not sexy.
2) Washing hair every day
Unless you have extremely oily hair, you really don’t need to wash every day. This is a hard habit to break for some, and if you’re trying it out for the first time: make dry shampoo your best friend. Washing too much can actually cause your scalp to overproduce oils to compensate. Besides, 2ndday hair – so much easier to style!
3) Over-tweezing eyebrows
I truly believe that eyebrows are what frame and define the face, too thin eyebrows can leave you looking like a chemo patient, or a porn star. Or both. Either way it’s not good. Besides fuller eyebrows à la Brooke Shields were all over the runways for F/W 2011 and S/S 2012. Embrace the beautiful brows ladies!
4) Wrong color foundation
Now that fall has fallen upon us and your summer glow is starting to fade, it’s time to consider going with a lighter shade of foundation. And no upping the bronzer to try and get your face to match the too dark foundation. When your face is a totally different color from the rest of you THEY WILL NOTICE. If you’re between shades, try mixing 2 or more shades to get the right match.
5) Cake face
Say it with me girls: I promise to not wear more foundation than I need. Caking on the foundation is not a good look. My rule of thumb is to use the lightest coverage possible to cover any problem areas. For most people a light to medium coverage is enough to disguise redness and discoloration, with a good concealer. Don’t forget to blend blend blend away to avoid looking clownish. Nothing is worse than seeing an otherwise pretty girl with enough makeup on her face that you could scrape it off with a spoon.
6) Not cleaning makeup brushes
I’ll be the first to admit – this is one of my least favorite things to do.. but nothing is quite so nice as having a set of freshly cleaned brushes at your access. Not to mention all the germs and bacteria that live and breed in your dirty brushes, some of which would contribute to acne and infection. Save your skin, wash your brushes.
7) Too much glitter
When I was in high school I loved glitter. Glitter in my hair, glitter on my body, glitter on my face. While being a walking disco ball was mildly acceptable in high school, there’s really no excuses post-senior prom. Glitter can be great, but be careful to apply it strategically. If you use glitter on the eyelids, opt out on the cheeks and lids. Glitter also has a way of settling into fine lines and creases which can be aging.
Content courtesy of:  http://www.mykissandtell.com/7-Deadly-Beauty-Sins-okay-maybe-deadly-re-BAD-19238609 

Thank you so much! 
xo, A. 

ELF's Eye Primer


ELF Eyes Primer

First ever BLOG for the Public.

Hooooolllaaaa!!!  YES! This is it! At last! :)
I have been hesitant to make a “PUBLIC BLOG”  but I have decided to make an account (Finally!!!) for the public and that is because of my fellow  Blogger/s who encouraged me or make my other blogs visible to them (VIP ikanga)  (2 Tumblr accounts, 1 wordpress, 1 multiply, 1 blospot) for them to see but, instead of doing that why not make one that is more suitable and much more broad for the benefit of the public readers.  *peace*   

This blog is actually for my HAUL’s, REVIEW’S, VLOGS (not yet persuade to make one though) and of course to share  my colorful but contented life.  HAHA. Since I’m starting to study AGAIN on how make-up works and how it plays on our face,I might share some of my insights, thoughts  and techniques (I am a disclaimer,SRSLY. LOL!) on how to apply them and maybe if I can find time I’ll make vlogs on”how to”.  
I am looking forward for your comments, suggestions and yes! Hello haters (why so negative?) ! :)) 
And i shall start posting after this. :)  So, watch out! MORE to come! :) 

xo, A. ❤ 

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