First ever BLOG for the Public.

Hooooolllaaaa!!!  YES! This is it! At last! :)
I have been hesitant to make a “PUBLIC BLOG”  but I have decided to make an account (Finally!!!) for the public and that is because of my fellow  Blogger/s who encouraged me or make my other blogs visible to them (VIP ikanga)  (2 Tumblr accounts, 1 wordpress, 1 multiply, 1 blospot) for them to see but, instead of doing that why not make one that is more suitable and much more broad for the benefit of the public readers.  *peace*   

This blog is actually for my HAUL’s, REVIEW’S, VLOGS (not yet persuade to make one though) and of course to share  my colorful but contented life.  HAHA. Since I’m starting to study AGAIN on how make-up works and how it plays on our face,I might share some of my insights, thoughts  and techniques (I am a disclaimer,SRSLY. LOL!) on how to apply them and maybe if I can find time I’ll make vlogs on”how to”.  
I am looking forward for your comments, suggestions and yes! Hello haters (why so negative?) ! :)) 
And i shall start posting after this. :)  So, watch out! MORE to come! :) 

xo, A. ❤ 

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