Whitening nowadays is still in the mainstream and I can't think of anything else aside from taking gluta shots or whatsoever that is available in the market than by just using a soap. We've seen a lot of Gluta or the ever famous Kojic Soaps that are out in the market and I honestly didn't try anything. Because I was a bit hesitant in trying such things that can cause anything onto my skin or should I say my health and physical look(who doesn't???) Not until I discovered Diana Stalder's Soaps and honestly, my family used it, too. And also, My boyfriend. He's been buying the Lemon Soap which unfortunately, I haven't reviewed yet because every time I'll borrow it he would always tell me that he already used it or he trashed the box already. Gawd! I guess I have to get myself one. HAHA.

Nothing special with the packaging except the fact that Sam Milby's face is there. And also, I noticed that they used a special board for this, I think. 

See that's Sam's :gwapong" face. 

I just don't like the fact that it is packed in a plastic. We all know that plastics are a no-no nowadays.

Overall, I've been using this for weeks now and I can't say that I got so light in an just one bar but it does gives my skin a lighter look and healthier feel in just 1 week. No irritation, No dryness and yes, the smell is quite good and it stays on your skin with a light feel. This soap has a pure papaya and orange extract that guarantees customers a whiter skin in just days. Vitamin C from the orange will help out our skin to repair skin cells. While Papaya extracts has a healing properties which merely gives our skin a protection toward skin cancer. Cool huh!? Protection and Repair in one. So, would you but those you see just around or buy something like this? Now, think. 

Dermablend products are available at SM Hypermarket and in Mercury Drugstore. 
or visit their Facebook Page for other details. 
Quality is most important than fame. 

xo, A. 

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  1. Very informative. Papaya soap is proven effective for whitening our skin. Try this kojic papaya soap from royale. Its affordable safe, and effective.

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    1. Sorry, I accidentally deleted your comment. I'm very sorry. :|

  3. I was looking for a good soap that will make my skin brighter and moisturize even if I am not using a moisturizing lotion. Good thing I had a chance to read a review of yours Ms. Alina it was a good evaluation of the product that will make the reader not to be skeptical in using the Dermablend Papaya Orange Skin Whitening Soap. Aside from the fact that the soap is good for whitening and moisturizing the skin it also good to for the sensitive skin like me. I have tried so many soap products that will make my skin brighter and also make my skin moisturized but it went out it is super drying for me. Nonetheless, this soap (Dermablend Papaya Orange Skin Whitening Soap) has made difference in a safe way to lighten and moisturize the skin. Really effective product two thumbs up!! Thank you for the review Ms. Alina 


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