iWhite Whitening Pack (Peel Off Mask)

Wondering what’s on your friends face when you are in their house for a pajama party?
You guess it! It’s a facial (Peel Off) Mask. It is commonly use by teenagers who are in college and yes, people ranges from 20-35 years old. But actually, everyone can use it regardless of the age. As for me, I started using it when I was 16 and it has made my skin better.

A facial is a procedure involving a variety of skin treatments, including: steam, exfoliation, extraction, creams, lotions, facial masks, peels, and massage. They are normally performed in beauty salons but are also a common spa treatment. – Wkipedia

There are different kinds of facial mask/face mud packs for different purposes of course.
It can be for deep cleaning, healing treatments (usually for scars, pigmentation, acne's  etc.), and brightening and other skin problem. We have our own skin routine at night and/or maybe up until the midnight but I think you can do this by just doing it at home in your most convenient time. What do you think?  Mask on while reading or how about, mask on while washing the plates? Isn't that great? I mean, your doing 2 things at the same time. LOL. Who says you can’t do 2 things at a time? Now, YOU CAN!


Honestly, it does look common but this one is HUGE, right? And It looks so clean. 
And again, maybe they didn't want to invest more on the packaging but on the products instead. 

I like how  it is well sealed. This only shows a more hygienic way of packaging. 
For the safety of their dear consumers.

What does it do? Easy. It does removes impurities from our skin to give us a more cleaner look face inside and out. 

These are the active ingredients that will help our skin to look and be better. 

The idea that we want to know about a specific product are:
How is it going to help and benefit us? 
What are the Cons and Pros? 
Let me share to you the benefits of this mask that will surely help you to gain a healthier, youthful and cleaner face.

Aloe also rejuvenates the skin. Gives a more hydrated effect.

Can you believe it? So much vitamins in it. We often see these all in a multi-vitamin capsule which we sometimes  refuse to take. 

And a lot more... 


The product is so rich that it actually stick to you face even without spreading and putting some effort. The smell is so neutral and does smell fresh. 

After  you put it on your hand make sure to spread it the fastest way you can because it dries up so fast and also make sure that it is thick because you'll find it hard to peel off you face. 

And I think this is the cheapest face mask that I know.
For only 22php? You'll experience the fastest way of getting a facial without a pain. 

Here is the instructions on how to use it.   
Here is my way of doing it.

My Bare Face. I am proud to say that even without anything on my face whether it's a foundation, bb bream or concealer I can pull off my day. 
All thanks to my genes. 

The reason why I didn't put some on my nose is because I have my nose pack from iWhite of course. :) 

After  minutes of waiting, I peel it off  and look  how brighter my skin is. 
Gawd! This is the fastest way of getting a facial. HAHA.

When I first got the package (they are so generous! Believe me.) My Boyfriend and I used it "agad agad" just to see how effective it is and we haven't been to a facial clinic for quite some time. So, I've decided to try it on his face, AGAIN just like the Aqua Moisturizing Cream which he really love up until now. So  I was the one who spread it on his face and I did mine. After eating what he cooked for our dinner then, We peeled it off at the same time. He peeled mine and I peeled his mask off. Isn't it fun? Not only you will experience a painless clean facial look BUT also, you'll get the chance to bond with your Boyfriend and/or your Family member. My Sister and Brother also did it together while we are watching a movie, We got the chance to bond and I think that's the happiest thing to do for free and with your siblings? That's the best way to spend the weekend. 

Enjoy your day! 

 xo, A. 

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  1. Hi! Im thinking of trying this for my acne marks! Thanks for the review! Please do check out my blog :) strongurlx.wordpress.com

  2. Hi Nice Review. Honestly I just hoarded iwhite sample products earlier to try for myself. Currently Im doing a little bit of research about it.

    I also have a blog site.

    Have a nice day :)

  3. Hello. May I ask when is the best to used it, day on the afternoon, morning or evening/night?

  4. Hello. May I ask when is the best to used it, day on the afternoon, morning or evening/night?


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