Smart Bro Pocket Wifi.

I've always wanted to have a pocket wifi instead of subscribing daily for my Iphone's services. And also, for my blog. Though we have at home it's better to have your own and because I always go out I think this is perfect for me.  
This is a Prepaid one. The reason why I decided to get this is because I don't want tie ups or lock in periods when it comes to data plans or whatsoever. 
I got this for 2,850.00PHP at Megamall Branch of Jump.

 So, why Smart? 
I am a Globe user for my handset but WE at home trust Smart's internet connection. 

I like the fact that this comes in white because it's so clean looking.

It comes in 2 sided port.
The one is for the unit and one for the charger but since it has a slot for memory card you can plug this in you PC or laptop, 

See how handy it is? You can put this on your pocket(extra care is needed HAHA) or inside your bag. 

The sim card is actually ready for your Iphone.

The least thing that I don't want about this? The way you pull off the batt or sim. 
Since it is in prepaid I have to take off the sim and put it back after I subscribe to the surfing plan. Though you can subscribe directly by opening the message box to the given address on your purchase. 
BUT I am afraid that smart might take away my load or what we call "nangangain ng load" that's the reason why I switched to globe before. 
It's hard to pull off the back part. I always hurt my nails and yes, ending? Broken nail polish.
Augh! And it's kinda slow when I'm at home but once I go out it's faster. 

Grab your now! this is more convenient and easier to use. :) 

 xo, A. 

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  1. ayun oh maganda na pictures nya! <3 <3 <3

    I have this one pero yung globe.. kaso ang daling malowbat hhuhu :(

    1. loka! dati ba panget? HAHAHAHA. Kakahurt ka ah! :p
      Yun nga. 4 hours max lang yan. Kainis!
      Mabilis ba globe? Magkano bili mo?

  2. Gusto ko din ng pocket wifi but I'll go for globe. Walang signal samen ang smeeert. XD hehe :)



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