BLOGGED|REVIEW: Benefit's Bad Gal Lash Mascara

Mascara tends to give us a more lively and sometimes it puts more drama to our  eyes. 
I can't go out without wearing a mascara I mean I can go out without any powder, blush or whatsoever but I can't go out without a mascara. So, here's one of my favorite mascara. BENEFIT'S BAD GAL LASH MASCARA in Black. 


It comes with a normal box but hey look how gorgeous that is. And how attractive the box and also, the item itself.
Black and Pink? Perfect! It is a bit smaller than the usual size of it's range. 

BLOGGED: How to keep your brushes in shape? Here's HOW.

How do you clean your brushes? Do you care to compare the bristles of each of your brushes? 
I DO. :)

So,how do you keep them in shape and how do you keep them to look new? 
I am sure you don't want your brushes to look overused or you don't want fall outs from them. 
So, let me share this to you. 

My babies when wet. Look at the bristles. (SIGMA(left),RT(right))

RT(left), Charm(right)


My favorite! Just saying.

How do i dry them and keep it in shape? Keep on reading.. 

My  partners. Bought them from Suesh, Read my post  HERE. about these babies. 

After washing, insert them to the  brush guard and let that do the drying and keeping your brush in shape. 

Get a glass and place it  down to drain any water residue from the head of the brush.

See the result?  See how the brush guards kept my brushes into its normal shape? 
Just don't forget , keep your brush in a normal  temperature room. Let it dry normally. usually it takes 3-4 hours  to dry.

That would be all. I hope this could help you. 

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BLOGGED|REVIEW: Wet n' Wild Creme Eyeliner in Black/Noir

AT LAST!!!  After months of looking for a perfect  one I finally found it.
Asked my friends on FB which to buy and some recommended Maybelline's, some said MAC others said the Sephora.

Some said that this is the perfect dupe of MAC and No, in in something i can't remember. ROFL.
Anyhoo, it's the...


I said it few times, I am a sucker when it comes to the packaging. And look! I love how it is packed. Very Fragile. 

4th Megatrade

BLOGGED: WHIB 09.22.12

I  really don't know how to start. I am blown away with so many blessings. I will start it with this.
A friend of mine, Jinno gave me this gig.  He's my schoolmate way back then, like 5 years ago? LOL.
Meeting place was in Rizal Park. I was in a bit panic mode because of the traffic but yeah, I camein  first. Call time was 7:am and I was there 15 mins. before 7. Hooray for the punctuality. :)

I was informed by Jinno that our clients are TWINS. I was expecting they're identical. BUT look, they seem to be just sisters. LOL. 

Bad news, I updated my Itouch and sync it. How stupid can i get at times? :( Photos from this event are there. :(
Sorry for the limited photos.

WHIB: 10.18.12 : Charlie Wanton | FRANCO's Gig.

Franco's Day today! We have to wait for 11pm and we still have 5 hours to spend. Right after work, we've decided to just spend our free time by going to the grocery store. BUT First, we planned to try this Charlie Wanton located in Mandaluyong at the back of SM Hypermarket in front of JRU. :) We get to see this resto almost everyday  and its's time to give it a try. :) 



Tine Tine! :) 

Freebies from Glaminar Artistry's Advanced Make-up Workshop

Meet my Keyser Dyordz or KD. :)

Beauty Bloggers United Giveaway #2

Sorry for the late BLOG. Wah. I was so busy with my work + Raket + KD (my dog).

Anyhoo, Let's get into deatils of this blog.

I am so excited to have this giveaway to think that I had one before this.

Jans and I planned that were gonna collab asap and yes here it is with the other Bloggers. I actually thought that I wont be able to join because I lacked time and i wasn't able to ship my prizes so good thing that jans has this online store called Unicorn Delight  where pay in  I chose some items to give. Soooooo...

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