BLOGGED|REVIEW: Benefit's Bad Gal Lash Mascara

Mascara tends to give us a more lively and sometimes it puts more drama to our  eyes. 
I can't go out without wearing a mascara I mean I can go out without any powder, blush or whatsoever but I can't go out without a mascara. So, here's one of my favorite mascara. BENEFIT'S BAD GAL LASH MASCARA in Black. 


It comes with a normal box but hey look how gorgeous that is. And how attractive the box and also, the item itself.
Black and Pink? Perfect! It is a bit smaller than the usual size of it's range. 

Authentic although I got it for a cheaper price. Look at the bar code on the right. 

I really love the colors combined. Pink and Black.


Can you see the VERY BIG difference ? I truly love this Mascara.Since my eyelashes are a bit  thin and tiny, i need to give them a lift and curl. Look it's changed.

After 1 or 2 hours look what happened...

It kinda gave me some fall outs . I've tried using this outside going to  my place of work and yes, when i got into the powder room i was surprised. I kinda look like a panda. LOL. Dark circles from the fall outs happened to look smudged. :(  In this swatch, I was inside our house, just watching and look, it happened again. 

After taking a bath without taking it off with a remover, it kinda look more smudged. So i have decided to wipe it with Etude's Masacara Remover. Look my review HERE

Cotton I used to wipe the excess mascara smudged into my eyebags. 

Yes because...

  • It gave my eyelashes a lift.
  • Very attractive.
  •  Very handy.
  • Very easy to clean with a remover.
  • The wand's bigger, easier to get a product and can give an extra curl.

No because...

  • It gave me fall outs .
  • Pricey  (I got mine for a cheaper price, P400.00) Thanks Ms. My! :) 

So there, my review of BENEFIT'S BAD GAL LASH MASCARA. :)

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 xo, A. ❤


  1. ohhh, I already finished by Benefit's REAL mascara and I'm lemming on purchasing this one next! Thanmks for the reviww ^_~

    1. Hi! It's very gorge! :) Let me know pag natry mo na ha. BTW, You're welcome. <3


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