BLOGGED: How to keep your brushes in shape? Here's HOW.

How do you clean your brushes? Do you care to compare the bristles of each of your brushes? 
I DO. :)

So,how do you keep them in shape and how do you keep them to look new? 
I am sure you don't want your brushes to look overused or you don't want fall outs from them. 
So, let me share this to you. 

My babies when wet. Look at the bristles. (SIGMA(left),RT(right))

RT(left), Charm(right)


My favorite! Just saying.

How do i dry them and keep it in shape? Keep on reading.. 

My  partners. Bought them from Suesh, Read my post  HERE. about these babies. 

After washing, insert them to the  brush guard and let that do the drying and keeping your brush in shape. 

Get a glass and place it  down to drain any water residue from the head of the brush.

See the result?  See how the brush guards kept my brushes into its normal shape? 
Just don't forget , keep your brush in a normal  temperature room. Let it dry normally. usually it takes 3-4 hours  to dry.

That would be all. I hope this could help you. 

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 xo, A. ❤


  1. I am also using brush guards and it really keeps my brushes stay in shape ^_~

  2. I love your brushes!

    Mind if we follow each other? hope you can visit my blog at:

    Feel free to follow if you like and don't forget your links so I can follow you back! Looking forward to more of your posts. :)

    1. Hey Chamee! Sure we can! :) Thanks for the feedback! My brushes are my babies. lol. See you around! :)

  3. hi where did you bought your brush guard?

    1. Hi Bevsie! I got mine from Suesh located in Trinoma. I think theyre celebrating their 2nd year in Trinoma so, better to hurry up maybe they have items on sale. :) Goodluck! :)


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