How to Protect Your Brushes|Brush Guards by Suesh Make-up Toolkit

We love our brushes that we want to ensure it's life and save the bristles from falling. In addition, we would love to see them in perfect shape and performance like we used it the first time. 
And this is HOW.PROTECT and AVOID your brushes from:

  • OIL


It is a flexible, breathable sheath which slips over the brush handle and slides up to cover the bristles,providing and insuring protection for make-up brushes. It also allows our brushes to breath and dry bristle-down so water can’t damage the ferrule. And it dries in perfect shape and lasts longer!
With The Brush Guard, all make-up brushes can be stored or packed without a worry in a purse, kit or roll. Now brushes can go anywhere without risk of damage.

Ever since I had my first brush i've always wanted to buy brush guards and the only store i knew that selling them was Mary Pauline(Buendia) and that was 5 years ago. Homaaay!!! 
And so... I planned to myself a set when I went to Beauty Cosmetics Stall in Market-Market and Yes! I didn't get any because it's out stock. And I also planned to buy online and yes! again.. i didn't and so last Saturday I went to Trinoma to just look around and thought of visiting Suesh and finally decided to get myself a set. 
They actually came in different sizes and Oh! the pieces too. The one from the US was the one I wanted first. 

It comes in ONLY 5 pieces for 259PHP. An it also comes with a instructional paper inside. 

The Brush Guards come in 5 different packs:Variety PackShadow/Liner PackBlush PackFoundation PackPowder/Kabuki PackPhotos are from HER.  Thank You! :) 
Other Packs of Brush Guards comes with 10pcs. 15pcs. Buy it HERE and HERE

  • 5 small 
  • 5 medium  (Fit for Eyeshadow, Liner, Bullet, Concealer, Smudge, Crease, Sponge, Mascara, Flat Definer, etc..)
  • 5 large (Fit for Foundation, Powder, Kabuki, Stippling, Blush, Contour/Bronzer, Angled, etc..) 

What I Finally Purchased?  SUESH Make-up Toolkit's BRUSH GUARDS
Look at their packaging. :) Although it's in plastic form it looks very sophisticated. It brings and gives us a very PRO vibes. It's only 259php. :) 

 It says, PROFESSIONAL MAKE-UP TOOL KITS INSIDE. Isn't that sweet? It's like you are already a part of them. 

Consist of: 

  • 5 small
  • 5 large

They're very effective in a way that it helps your brushes live longer, breath normal and can still do "as they promised" perfect performance. With The Brush Guard in place, makeup brushes can go anywhere safely. 

*not a paid BLOG.

xo, A. 

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