TIPS on how to clean your brushes everyday.

Q: How do you often do you clean or wash your lovely brushes?

Admit it! *wink*

HAND'S UP lovies..

Let me answer...

Oh yeah! I don't really wash them that often. Like twice every 2 weeks will do. WHY?

Since I have been working since morning 'til midnight, Yes! overtime. That's monday to saturday plus i need to do some more important errands by sunday. So, I don't have spare time at all. But let me share my everyday routine on how i clean them with just 1 product. :)

You will be needing the following:

  • Brush to be clean 
  • Brush Guards ( Read my review HERE )
  • And a TISSUE 
What you need to do is just to dab it, rubbed ( with care ), Stroke it in different ways until nothing is left on your brush.

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First side. Can you see what's left on your brushes after using them?

After a few MORE strokes. :) It all pay-off. :)

By doing these steps it will help you and your brushes to eliminate:

  • Dirt and Bacteria
  • Oil
  • Old Make-up products that can be mix with new shades if you are using one brush
  • TIME of course, you don't need to wash them everyday. 
Just be careful with your stroking talent you guys! :) Goodluck! I hope this will help you as much as it did to me. :)

*not a paid BLOG.

xo, A. 

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