The Sun is FINALLY out and what I'm getting! :)

I really don't know how to begin or where to start. Augh! That was a disaster and I don't wanna tell the whole "disaster thingy" that has happened to me. Just a summarize, I was trapped at the traffic from work. Got home around 1am. *sigh* 
But I felt so happy when I saw the glimpse of Mr. SUN his morning, I was like.. At last! After 2 weeks staright of non-stop rain. But still thinking of our fellow kababayan who are still suffering from the tragedy brought to us by "Habagat" Whew! Lets just pray for the speed recovery of our country.

And so..

3 days of "NO WORK", 3 days inside the house. I have been asking for this but would you believe? I did NOTHING instead I watched and slept the whole 3 days and Oh! went for a shopping at the grocery store with my papa wherein it looked like it's Christmas. LOL But SRSLY, it was. :) Got myself a NEW Nichido Lip Liner in Blaze Review SOON. BUT actually, I was about to buy a new lipstick from EB Matte Collection in Offbeat pink and realized that i need a lip liner (the first one i had was lost by my loving younger sister) and so.. today.. NOW... that im working AGAIN.. I wanted to have a spare time to buy, blog and so many more. Augh! Been wanting to get myself a new gel eyeliner (pot) And torn between Sephora's Creme Eyeliner in Must Have and Maybellines Gel Eyeliner in Black. I already swatched some maybelline but I badly wanted Sephora's. WHAT TO GET!!!??? Tonight, Im planning to buy the Maybelline one and will buy the sephora next week ( Sorry my dear wallet ) just to satisy myself. I know I wont able to use them both and might end up drying them but of course with proper care.. you know.. *wink*

I'm at the office right now, blogging while working. Had dinner at Aling Lucing here in Ortigas with my Supervisor and my officemate. Ate Pork Sisig and Sinigang. :)

I've read some reviews of the maybelline and others are from my friend., and SO... I have decided, I am getting Maybelline's but will still get the Sephora. :)


xo, A. ❤

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