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Can I see PINK? *giggles*
Been using this remover for 3 months now and I've used a lot of mascara removers but nothing stayed with me this long.

                              Direction For Use:  (Though it's not written in English) *wink*

Since it is an "Oil Based" Remover this kinda feel warm on the skin. Oil based liquid products easily removes anything from your face because it glides on your skin smoothly that it can actually sweep all make up in one stroke. (but of course you need to do it more than once or twice for a better removal of the products on your face). 

                                             "SHAKE WELL" 
                        Soak the pads/puffs before the 2 element separates.

You would want to use a soft square or circle puffs or a cotton and pat a little amount or more if needed. Since mascara is also in our eye where in you also put eyeliner or eyeshadow it's okay if you'll use this to slash them out of you eyes. :) Leave it for a few seconds, the oil is breaking down the makeup and gently, sweep the pad away from eye. You can also use a cotton buds to those areas that are hard to reach like you eyelids, both upper and lower. And you'll notice how the makeup dissolves right away. 

When it is in "stable" position. 

You'll notice how the oil is not mix with the water, that's because  oil is NON-Poly-MOLECULE or HYDROPHOBIC (a.k.a "water fearing")  ; they don't actually mix together. :) 

Shaked. OIL and WATER won't mix even if you shake it a gazilllllion times. 

  • It wont clog your pores 
  • It wont dry out your skin
  • It will keep your skin soft
  • It wont cause acne
  • Will clean out all your impurities 
  •  Feels greasy 
  • It leaves some small tiny hairy feathery thingy on your eyes that may cause irritation from the pads (so i suggest, close your eyes while doing the routine) 
I highly recommend this product for easy removal of eye make up.

Giving this a 4/5 STARS. :)  

xo, A. 

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