BLOGGED: WHIB 09.22.12

I  really don't know how to start. I am blown away with so many blessings. I will start it with this.
A friend of mine, Jinno gave me this gig.  He's my schoolmate way back then, like 5 years ago? LOL.
Meeting place was in Rizal Park. I was in a bit panic mode because of the traffic but yeah, I camein  first. Call time was 7:am and I was there 15 mins. before 7. Hooray for the punctuality. :)

I was informed by Jinno that our clients are TWINS. I was expecting they're identical. BUT look, they seem to be just sisters. LOL. 

Bad news, I updated my Itouch and sync it. How stupid can i get at times? :( Photos from this event are there. :(
Sorry for the limited photos.

  From the teaser Video. :) 

Grabbed from the video.

Grabbed from the video.

Photos that I saved. :) 

The theme is actually very casual. So I just played with the color of  their clothes. I asked them first of course, if they want it like this, that and yeah. the outcome. :) So happy to hear that they liked it! :) 

Tine Tine. Closest to me.  She kept on saying "I love how you contoured my cheeks"  HAPPY me. 

I call her Jellie Bellie. She's Belle. She's the sweetest. :)

I was able to meet their family and they even bought us lunch. Well, their parents are awesome. So kind and lovely. And I am happy hear it straight from them that they liked what I did to their children. I am also surprised that they still want to get me for the event as the HMUA. After hearing that, Jinno gave me some more good news. He and his team wants me to be a part of their team and be their resident HMUA for their future clients. I really don't know what to do with all of these blessings. GOD is so GOOD. 

This end my blog for today. May the GOOD LORD continue to bless me ad all of you! 

xo, A. ❤

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