Glaminar Artistry's Advanced Make-up Workshop + GOOD NEWS FOR ME.

Some photos are from Jhessica Recto

My Second. First Batch again. :) 

Since I found out about this, I and my sister by heart Jhessica planned the "how to" go to the venue from her house. Changes are made up to that day. Hellllla YES!!! :) 
And from Legarda to Kalaw we hired a taxi for 70php but i payed 100php for a simple reason that manong driver doesn't have any penny to give as a change. It's fine at least I saw his oh so glad loking smile. :) 
To start with, we planned to have breakfast. I ordered 2pcs. of pancakes and Jhes ordered a rice meal with longganisa and egg. *yum*
We arrived at exactly 8:50am wherein we thought we're the first to came but sadly, someone came in first to the venue earlier than we did cos we came like quarter to 9 in the morning but it's okay we still got prizes! Woot! :) Thanks Ms. My! :)
This is how we look when we arrived. My bare face! LOL. For a change, read here WHY. :) 

The Virgina Olsen Products I saw from the bazaar. Read HERE. :) 

Here are some of the Products we USED. 

Basically, those are the product we've used. Aren't they lovely? Ms. My's making sure that we're gonna have so much fun in using her products and yes, we did! :) Thanks po! :) 

I was surprised when Ana presented her model to us, I meant, in our last Basic Workshop she didn't had a model but she  fixed someones eyebrow in front of us. :) 

After some discussions, we moved to demo. 
And she was our first model. 

I forgot her name but I guess she was in the 2nd batch in basic, reason why I know was because I was invited by Ms. My to come over. :)

Canvas for "Wedding" Make-up. :)

 Ana's Table. 

Right  after the demo, Ana hand us a piece  of bond paper  and  told Jhes that i have those copies too. I saw that  on the web, saved it and yeah, printed some, :)
Here are some of the photos. :) 

Look what I did. Wedding look.  Wasn't able to capture the gloss i placed on her lips. LOL.

Right after that, we had our lunch. 
And these are what we had.....

I really don't know what those are until Ms. My told me. Here's our conversation (as i can still recall)
Me: Ms. My, ano 'to?
Ms. My: Custard na Macaroon daw eh.
Me: So, ano 'to?

We shared laughs, as in super tawa hanggang pag uwi, tawa kami ng tawa. LOL Ms. My's really funny at times! I love her! LOL.

After that we head on to the second look, whch is my favorite and planning to have that as a theme for my very first shoot for my models to be. LOL. or maybe vintage, idk yet. 

After this, we hadn't had the chance to do it  in that paper Ana gave us instead, we used our face. :) And for a reason that "the kulitan moment"  started already. The shoot also started right after Ana finished her makeup. Wooooot! :) 

After that we moved to the last look, EDITORIAL. 

I dont have much to say anything about this girl, CHOS! She was funny, like hillarious! LOL. I never thought that we'll still get in touch like the usual in person. Anyway, She was transformed into a  gorgeous piece. look at her. :) 

In total, I was  totally moved to continue this carrer. I am so happy that I have been blessed by GOD, I seldom ask for these but yeah, he still gave me projects and yes, proud and glad to say that i am now the MUA of my friends production. So Happy! Thank you LORD. :) 



        xo, A. ❤


  1. Ana! Wow what an experience :) Its been a dream for me to take up makeup classes :) Soon I shall try it! Naconvince mo ako - seeing all the makeup goodness in one table! :)

    The Misty Mom

    1. Hi Sha! :) It was indeed a happy one! Lemme know if you are interested so that I can assist you sa details and all. Happy to hear na convied ka! Hooray! See you! :)

  2. lol for custaroons.. sana maka attend din ako nito someday;)

    1. Custaroons right? You should, darling. :) See you there!


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