Glaminar Artistry's Make-Up Seminar ( First Batch)

At last!!! I was able to attend a Seminar that talks about the Basic Make-Up application :) 
How did I knew about the Workshop?
Since I was watching Make-up Tutorial(S) on YouTube (who doesn’t?) There are users who post links for the product information so since I have an account on Facebook (  I simply like pages and the “LIKE”ness follow through until I saw the page of Ms. Ana Pat Mendoza Victorino and saw the Picture (as shown above) and texted her for the other details and that’s how i found out about the Seminar. :) 
WE are 10 in total. I felt like a student again Learned a lot from the demo itself. * Mga oras na feeling ko ‘di ako nagiisa na puro Make-Up at application ang ginagawa*  Cos i dont have friends who DO the same as I do. Thanks to them now I have lots! :) Woooho!!! 
Hand outs. 
I actually came to the event wearing make-up already because i have work that morning. I felt “Tamaders” to cut away my make-up that i applied earlier. :) 
The Seminar was about “HOW TO PUT BASIC MAKE-UP” since I have some on my face already, what I did while they’re applying theirs was to just look after their works and (countlessly) looked to Ana on how she put hers. Played on some contouring powder then afterward the “night time make-up time”. Your day make-up must be transformed to night and that’s where the time i joined them. :) 
The FOOD!!! So yum!!! Though Im not a fan of Lasagna BUT it really BOOMED my appetite! Plus the small cutipatootie Cream Puffs which I love most. :) 
Since i havent had lunch then I took a bit more. Eh Masarap lang talaga kasi siya eh! :) 
Conti’s Cream Puffs. <3 
There you Go! :) We’re taken individually but i’ll just post some group pictures. :) Im just so proud that Ana even imitate my posing skills and she asked me ” Pano yung pose mo?” She’s FUNNY!!! :) 
Freebies! :) 
With Ms. Ana . Oh Goshhh!!!! ME wants to MELT! 
The whole 7 hours of that experience was an opener for me AGAIN. Cos i used to do these stuffs when i was in High School but failed to pursue because of other things. You know what i mean *wink*
And that serves as my first BLOG post after months that needs a follow up blog SOON!!!! 
Photo from Ms. Myla of Glaminar Make-Up Artistry & Mr. Alvin Ignacio.  

xo, A. 

1 WEEK AGO ON JUNE 11, 2012 AT 03:45AM

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