WHIB 08.19.12 : Urban Bazaar 2012

Bazaar again! :)

@ Rockwell Tent

100PHP for the tix ang you get to join their raffle. :)
Filled up 2 tix *wink* 

And win these..

I dropped my entry into Camille Co's box.

Look what I found a box of stamps. I so love stamps! :) 

They have  it in  sizes. The Small, Medium and of course, Large. 
And they are cheap too. 
The bigger you get the more stamps you get. :)

The Spork! Good for travelling, I got one! 

Saw these babies but didn't purchase any cos the owl's not available. 

Cute slip ons. Theyre 150PHP. Not bad at all. 

I saw this kiosk selling SOPHIA Eyelash Enchancer, The stall also sells mineral powder and eyeshadows. It's Virgina Olsesn btw. The colors are so wonderful and looks so pigmented. I wasnt able to take a lot of pictures because I havent had lunch then so I was in a bit hurry to check on all the stalls. :) 

They're selling it for 2700 but for this particular event they went down a bit. For a  3-day bazaar they're just offering it for 2000PHP. I was like Oh my! Cheaper nga! BUT, BUT, BUT I was hesitant to buy because of this "regret feeling" and I haven't see or read a review about it. So, yeah! There!

They also sell brushes as well. :) 

A shot from Digital Traincase Make-Up section mirror. :)

QDR na sila oh! Sosyal! :) You just have to scan it to get their info. :) 

Look at that colorful ceiling. :) So vibrant to my eyes! :) 

Pouches from 600 down to 200. Bought 2 for my cams. :) 

I love the bags. 

I really don't know how to call these stuff but yeah! I bought a brighter orange. :)

Serves as our BRUNCH. :) Yihee! :) 

I really know know why I so love attending or joining bazaars. Maybe because of the beneficiaries it'll support or maybe! :D I just love splurging a bit, discovering and yeah! metting other people! :) 

 xo, A. 

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