Girl Stuff Magnetic Nail Polish

I and my Partner collects and loves ref magnets and oh! stickers!!!
 Anywhere we go we try to find one (per city) to stick in his ref at home. 
So magnets really means a lot to my life. *giggles*

Soooo.. How about a Nail Polish with a help of a magnet?
Have you seen a "MAGNETIC NAIL POLISH" before?
Honestly, I haven't seen one yet and I don't don't how it'll work. 

Let me share this to you. How amazing and fun it is. 
I was totally shocked when I saw how it works. I was like "WAW, Ang Galing". 
It awkwardly blew me away! 

So it comes with a magnet (Curious?! Will tell you how this will work) together with the polish in a cute ohh! So cute packaging. 
I'm a sucker when it comes to packaging and this honestly passed my standard when it comes to the packaging system.
It's very environment-friendly because of the cardboard/paper used at the back.

This small chip here will the trick. See the pattern?
Comes in 2 patterns: Spiral & Stripe. 
Read on..

And since I don't vlog DIY Tutorials or what I think this is enough for now. HAHA. (Should I?) 
Anyway, I made a Step-by-Step Tutorial on how to make this nail art just buy using a magnet chip and a nail polish. *wink*

Basically, you don't need a base (but if you prefer to use a base, go ahead coz this is optional) for this since this won't give a yellowish effect on your nails after weeks (Oh!! This can last for 2-3 weeks ha!).

So, First, Apply 1-2 coats of your desired color of their Magetic Nail Polish (comes in  3 colors : Gray, Purple(violet), Wine) (Sorry I forgot the color names).

Immediately place the chip on the top of your nail.
Do this the fastest way you can because once it dries up, the effect will not take place. 

Looook! AMAZING Huh?! As per my trial, the more coat you put the better the design will come out. 

My ring finger's coated thrice and look how bolder and defined the stripes are. 
So, depending on how you want it to look like.

So there! I hope you'll find time to try it yourself. 
And please feel free to comment below your thoughts and if you have this already, share it with me to spread how great their nail polishes are.

Visit Girl Stuff:
SM MOA (near cinema ticket)

 xo, A. 

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