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Hello loves! 
A new kind of post on my blog tonight because this is something that I don't actually do. 
Well, here you go..

I saw a post from a group in Facebook of course, and luckily, I got the chance to received an email from them. They just asked from me to do a review for their Nail Polishes (My review on their Magnetic Nail Polish HERE). They instructed me to visit a stall or prolly they will just ship the items. Then I remembered, they have a kiosk in Mall of Asia (which my Bf and I planned to =meet for a little shopping date for MOA's Summer Sale)  And I asked them If I can just drop by there to see and have my own choice of color/s. 

They are located near the Cinema Ticket Stall(North Wing, I guess) 
They also have items on SALE. :)

Like these colognes. You'll love them, too/ 
I personally like the orange colored one, it has an orangey-lemony scent. 
Get them for only, 100PHP if I'm not mistaken.

See how playful their logo is? That's how they are. :) Really fun.
Anyway, At first, I thought that they are just for kids or not older than an adolescent (if you know what I mean) because of the stuffs that they are selling. I never thought that they are also for people like.. ME. Sweet huh?!  

This is their bar. Can you tell what color to choose?  Gawd! I can decide! When I was choosing what shade to get, I almost got the whole hour a day. Colors to choose from are really gorgeous. You'll definitely get a hang on it! 
I honestly don't know everything about a nail polish, what chemicals to avoid or what not to get or buy. But these Nail Polishes are FREE from the most not-so-good for our health. You should check them out, SRSLY. 

Magnetic Nail Polish that I got from them. This is so nice. Check out my review HERE

A wide range of the colors that they sell.

Just a few of the swatches. Gawd! Look how stunning the colors are!  

Because of Ms. Tan's generosity, look what she gave me. 
Thank you for all of these! And also, I wanna thank their sales ladies who assisted me in choosing and for being so nice to me! I salute you, misses. GS, you have very good sales persons. Thank you!

See you on my next post.
I have to go because I just rented a PC in a shop around MNL. And honestly, I can't stand to stay longer. *wink* 

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 xo, A. 

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  1. And I asked them If I can just drop by there to see and have my own choice of color/s.
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