iWhite Korea's Aqua Moisturizing Cream

Are you a Korean fan? Or Korean Product user? 
Honestly, at first I'm not. Not until some Korean stores launched and opened their branches in the Metro. And I have tried some of them and that's whenI became a fan.
Hands down for their formulations and Yes! their unique style of packaging. 

Let's have a little bio about the brand. :) 
So, basically iWhite  Products are formulated in Korea. They specialize not only lightening but also improve skin condition. Since every product has its own formulation iWhite provides us active ingredients that will help our skin to regenerate cells. 
Here's the formulation of this amazing product which I'm loving at the moment because of  the "magic" it gives after you apply it on your face. 

Each active ingredient in this tube will benefit our skin which contains vitamins that will help to promote skin regeneration. 


Ever imagine why companies tend to use bottles like this in the Philippines? And why other countries chose to use bottles and/or any other pots? My thoughts about that? Maybe because they don't wanna invest more on the packaging and/or maybe they're being practical. When you purchase something and you find it effective on you or you want it so bad that you can actually empty a bottle in a month or less, you can't use it anymore and you'll end up by trashing it. Instead of focusing on the packaging they give their best to come up with a better formulation that suits our skin and weather. 

Take the cap off and pull up the seal to reveal the "magic" product.

What I like about this? Though it's a tube plastic type container they still opt put a seal for the product protection. Genius! I know other do this also but admit it others don't. 


Moving on to the swatches. I call this a "magic" product Why? Just continue to read and scroll. *wink*
So my skin is actually damaged at the moment(though i applied sunscreen on my skin) because of the sunburn that I got from my 1 week Vacay. My skin's kinda dehydrated and is in desperate need of a moisturizing cream or product.  
Once you put in on your skin, you'll feel that your skin's a bit hydrated,washed and of course fresh.  
Here's a thing. It looks like it is actually a cream well, it is actually but right after you spread it all over your face it'll look like.....

THIS!!! Can you see it? ... MORE...

Look! Can you see bits of water? This is magic! HAHA. I really find it amazing! Call me innocent but yeah I was shocked and a bit entertained. This definitely made my day! 
I tried it and I was like more.. more.. more.. HAHA. It's because of that! Isn't that cute? So GENIUS! 
I really don't have an idea why is color gets darker when the product is already applied but right after it dries up the blue thingy color won't seem to be visible at all.

Here's a direction on HOW TO. 

That is actually very basic, yes? But of course we have to take a little note that we need to do the basics  first which are: CLEANSE. TONE. MOISTURIZE. 

You guys have any idea how cheap that is? And in case you are having doubts, you can prolly buy a sachet first for a much cheaper price. Isn't that cool? And you can bring it with you too. 
It's a double steal, a moisturizer for your skin and a little entertainment from this product for you! 
AND.. I've tried this on my partners face and you know guys they actually don't kinda care about their faces (not literally speaking). So the skin on his face is a bit dry since he is a biker, he just uses sunblock and I don't know but it dries his skin a bit. So I  said, let's give it a try & if he doesn't like it, he can discontinue using it. But guess what? he didn't, I meant he still uses it. :) I asked him and he just said, "i like it & my skin's not that dry at all". i was like that's it? Okay I said. An effective and reliable product doesn't need much of good word. :) 

So, tell me. Are you gonna try this or if you already did how's your experience?  
Comment below, ladies! :) 

 xo, A. 

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  1. Nice post sis. Will try iWhite too. I heard their products are good. :)


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