Ideal Protein "Outifit " for Diana Stalder.

Hello Everyone!

I'm back! Whew! I was so busy and sick.. You know how the weather changes and Yes, I'm a victim now with colds, flu and body aches. Anyway, I got a good news last week from Diana Stalder. Hoooray!! I am so blessed. Ms. Dina of DS told me that she's willing to give me the program for free. And I was surprised! Gawd! I feel that I'm now part of them because of their concern on my health. Oppps!!! I will be taking about this on my next post. I will be posting my daily food, experience, etc, all through out the program so that I'll be able to share it with you. 

Here's a photo of me now, see what will happen after weeks. Whew! I'm so excited! I went to Diana Stalder Clinic in their Edsa Shaw branch. Renovated, stylish and so comfortable looking.
So, I have been wanting to post my "OOTD" since forever and now, I will be. Funny how people share their talent in putting up good clothes and their sense of humor together. It's like multi-tasking. A lot of people have been doing this and it's possible to dress up, take a picture and yes, post it that fast. With our technology nowadays, nothing is impossible. And yes, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. That's why I'm gonna try this Ideal Protein Program from Diana Stalder. 

Since i'ts a bit cold and yes, the rain is so terrible. I've decided to wear my favorite dress that I got from a thrift shop. I have been wanting to wear this but the weather then won't let me. HAHA. Talk about the climate change. My mom gave me this bag from Kipling. I like it so much because it has a lot of pocket but there are times at it gets so bulky. Whew! 

Went to Rustan's to look for my diet scale and other stuff that I'm going to use for the program. And yeah, I got myself what I need. Hoooray!!!

Got this shoes from Parisan. My father bought me 4 pairs since I got sick for a week this serves as my reward. Thank you, Papa. They got a lot of pretty awesome shoes, agree? I have 6 pairs of shoes from them and i love every single pair. 

For the makeup, I basically went for a simple one. No foundation, just concealer and powder.
I used MAC Barbie Collection in Frost Rocking Chick. And of course, i need to do a lot of contoring because my cheeks needs a lot of it. HAHA. 

My gold Casio watcch, some bracelets from my sister. 

That sums it up! I will be sharing my thoughts and experience with the Diana Stalder's "Ideal Protein" Program in the coming days and weeks. Hopefully, i loose weight. I will tell you how thin i was before on my next blog. HAHA.  

Goodnight! I seriously need some sleep. I need energy and motivation on this! 
Sweet dreams! 

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