DERMABLEND: Sam Milby's Meet & Greet

Hello Everyone! 

I really don't know how to start this but I'll just get into details. Since I met the persons behind Diana Stalder and Dermablend I was named after Sam Milby (EHEM! Please call me MRS. MILBY HAHAHA) because they knew that he was my ultimate crush. HAHA. And after months of waiting, I got a super great news from DS that they will have a Meet and Greet. I waited for 4 months for this and it was actually moved because Sam got an invite from Cannes Film Festival and he has to attend (Naks! Alam ko talaga?) After then, I was so excited to see him. So, let me tell you what happened that day. 

I really can't count how many people was there at the event. But I can all assure you that(that) was a huge one. And while waiting for him,  few talented people performed and gave us total entertainment. 

My first glanced at him. Couldn't get any happier. Whew! I was so speechless. He was so kind and his sense of humor makes him so manly.  

Since it's Sam's Birthday that week, the team surprised him with this! And i swear!!! We all sang for him. Sweetest thing ever! *giggles*

I was introduced by Mr. Francis as a Blogger of Diana Stalder and at first, he was like "Hello Ms. Blogger" A stunning smile and a killer eyes mesmerized me! Hooo gawd! And they told him that I was named after his surname, Mrs. Milby. HAHA. He was like, "dapat yakapin kita, Asawa nama pala kita" HAHAHA. I don't know hoe to react (though it's a joke or whatsoever) But, that made my day!  

Right after his performance. The 100 Lucky Winners (excluding me, HAHA) got a chance to have their picture taken with Sam and got a kiss and hug. Lucky! *clap clap* We were talking about Diana Stalder and other stuffs, too(first and 2nd photo).

I would like to send my HUGE Thank you to my Diana Stalder and Dermablend friends and of course to Tita Dina who never fails to make me happy and to Bellie, I love you! You know that!  I was once dreaming and now, it happend. Thank you, Dermablend. That smile will be forever remembered by his presence. HAHA. 

Babuhye for now. Will work on my Ideal Protein Program, soon.

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