Soap & Glory's Sexy Motherpuker Lip Gloss

Hello everyone!

Lately, I'm aiming a no makeup makeup look for work and from just using EOS, Lucas Papaw and more then I craved for some gloss. I went to the Super Sale Bazaar last May and I wasn't able to splurge much cos i was on a tight budget for my two babies, KD and DK who are in need of vaccines and some grooming. I was on my way out when I saw a store selling gold accessories and fortunately, I saw a bunch of Soap and Glory's products on the side and fortunately again, it was on sale. And got myself these!

Why do we put lip gloss on our lips? For one reason, to make us look younger than what we truly age. Sounds good right? With this you don't need to go under the knife. By far, this one's a magical lip gloss which other's don't know whats on it. Let me tell you little by little. 


What I like about international products, is that they somehow invest on their packaging and always comes with a theme and effort. I must say they are indeed, very consistent with it.  

Look how sexy they looking this packaging is. Remind me of the 50's-80's. The bombshells are their to tell. 
Pin-up looks are very timely that even if our generation, they are highly imitated up to this day. And so, I think, if you are aiming for a bombshell look with fuller luscious lips, you should try this. 

Come with 3 shades: NUDE,WHAT A MELON & SUPER STARRY.

This is just like any other lip gloss wand.

The shade looks like it has some jewels inside of each tube. A mixture that turned into a marble like gloss. 


Can you tell that my lips got a bit bumpy than it's normal form? And I know that you wouldn't want to know the feeling. When I got these on my hand I was he happiest not until I put in on my lips. It gave my lips a burning sensation and a numb feeling. Well probably that's the effect of it. I wasn't informed(didn't read any review and i haven't seen this set to others) that it'll give me those feeling but after 2 or 3 times of application the numbness lower down a bit. And now, I love putting it on my lips - not only it gives my lips a fuller look but also, the confidence that I get. 

Place Bought: Super Sale Bazaar
Price: 360.00 pesos

xo, A. 

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  1. I like the glamour look of the packaging pero the effect nakakatakot nga haha! Never pa ko na ka try ng plumping lip products hindi ko alam magiging reaction ko!


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