First Outfit Post.

Hey Girls,
                This serves as my First Outfit Post I guess? LOL. i kinda feel a bit boyish that time and mixed these things together and came up looking okay (Do I?) 

  1.  Forever 21 V-Neck
  2. Scarp Scarf Necklace ( Read HERE)
  3. Old Navy Demin
  4. KEDS in Off White

My fave KEDS. 

My DKNY eye glasees. Glad that I wouldn't have to wear it because the grade of my eyes are now okay. 

Got these for a very cheap price. I also bought it in a Bazaar and I think its in Supersale. 

My classy looking nails. :)

I really don't know whatto say but What do you think? Should I continue to post some of my outfit post publicly? :D 

Here's my Lookbook account: Kindly check and let me know If I should continue to do this or what. Hehe. 

Thanks Girls! 

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 xo, A. 


  1. your hands are sooo pretty! long fingers! inggit akey!


    1. Hey Eyah! Thanks for that.
      Chubby fingers nga eh. lol
      lotion2x ka lang tapos pull outwards baka humaba pa. hihi. ganyan ginagawa ko eh. :D

  2. the scarf is really striking but it works. I love scarves so much <3

    Shayne ♥


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