SNOE: THE PAST, PRESENT & THE FUTURE 3rd Semi-Annual Blogger Event

A friend of mine, Gen told me to come with her to this event. I was a bit hesitant because of my schedule and yes, me being sick. But of course, I signed up! *WINK* We decided to meet in SM Makati and gees! I waited for her for like an hour or two i guess? While I was waiting, I asked myself, are you still going? It exted Gen and.. she's in our 2nd meeting place already. Funny! We asked I think 8 cabs to bring us to the event's place and yeah, no one did but an old man. He asked if we could add 30php for hiring him and because we are running late we went in to the cab and booom! off we go! As we reached the place, I was surprised! some mens are outside waiting and even pulled me out of the car with care of course(he just opened the cab door). :))
The invitation. :) 


Arrived with Gen and Kim. :)

Here are some photos of some quick line up of their brand.

They are the most beautiful ladies of night, WHY? Because they're the best, they gave us the respect, we are like senoritas, they'll give us foods, drink and the words of knowledge and encouragement. 
I am amazed on managed all our queries like my gawd!!! it's like they own it. I meant, how could these people answer questions in full blast despite of the pressure, tiring moments and yes! people around kept on asking but they remained helllla kind. :) 

BTW, I and Ate Len(Lyn) were best friends in the making. :)) and oh! Melo too! :) I love them! :) 

KIDS!!! Ms. Jen's babies are upstairs, playing and looking and maybe shocked. :))

Some present products that they presented to us. :)

NEW line/brand. :) I like the brand tag. 
PEACE.LOVE.HAPPINESS. :) We always use this, don't we? :) 

The present products that SNOE got in store for us! :)

And of course, The FUTURE Products. :)
I got the chance to take some of those to try. Ms. Shen started it and yeah, you know the rules! :))  

UBOS NA!!! LOL. Seems like a hurricane passed by this traincase  Actually, what I really want? the traincase. HAHAAHA!!! 

I wanna say thank you to the ever generous Ms. Jen of Snoe Beauty Inc. who gave her trust to us Bloggers and for welcoming us to their life as SNOE. :)

I also want to thank Snoe, Iya Boto and Gen for some photos that I grabbed from them. Thanks girls! :) 

Want to know what they gave us out of their generosity? READ HERE

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  1. I had fun reading your post Ana! :D
    Ako rin gusto ko yung traincase. :P

    1. HAHA. Thanks Jans. :) Nakoo oo noh!!! Ako din yung traincase gusto kong ibulsa. Pink pa! :)) Bakit di nga naten tinry? LOL.

  2. Replies
    1. Hello again Shayne! Unfortunately, they don't. where is your location by the way?


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