BLOGGED|NEWS: L'oreal's Buy Urban Decay Cosmetics

L’Oreal announced on their site today they signed an agreement to acquire Urban Decay
“Urban Decay will beautifully complement L’Oréal Luxe’s portfolio of iconic brands. It is the make-up specialist we needed to fully satisfy young women in search of playful colors and inspiration in selective distribution, at an accessible price point. It is totally additional to our existing propositions and as such it will contribute significantly to the growth of the Division in the years to come,” said Nicolas Hieronimus, President L’Oréal Luxe.
“L’Oréal’s strong innovation capabilities and presence in every channel of distribution will enable Urban Decay to reach its full potential in the marketplace,” added Tim Warner, General Manager, Urban Decay. “Together, we have great ambitions for the future.”
The closing is subject to regulatory approval which is expected by the end of the year.
L’Oreal represents a rather large portfolio of brands some of which test on animals so the future of Urban Decay’s Animal Testing Policy is in question. But I imagine that Urban Decay wouldn’t go into this decision without taking all of this into consideration so I do believe you probably won’t have to worry about their animal testing policy.
Update: Urban Decay has officially announced they will remain a cruelty free brand even after L’Oreal becomes their parent company.


My opinion.. 

I think UD should take one decision at time and take some considerations about being a cruelty free brand(which we all love). They're already known for some of those amazing palettes, so I think they don't need to be paired up with some other brand and be somehow like a drugstore brand or something just to be closer to the market with a lower price to offer. They should stick to what they already have and i guess just release with a new palettes instead. :) 

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