BLOGGED|REVIEW: Lucas Papaw Ointment

The long wait has finnnnally ended today as i give you my own Review of 


For weeks that I have been craving for this it finally arrived straight from Aussie. :)

My officemate Kat went to Australia to visit her Grandma, She's been doing that for years now. She stayed there for almost a month and I told her that i will give her my list  before she leaves while we are exchanging thoughts and laughs.. Weeks passed  I was thinking what to ask from her vacay, I basically thought of Makeups, Food, Etc then I remembered, why not LP? I surfed the web, looked for the price and location where to purchase. She messaged me after a day that it's not avail in the nearest store in their place. And then I received a message thru FB, and it was from her saying that she got me 2! Hoooray!!! a
And here are they items i got from her.. :)

Happy Girl! Happy Me! :)


Said it a million times, I am a sucker when it comes to the packaging. 
I love the strategy on how to open it. The cap itself has a use and believe me, I felt to stupid when it popped! LOL.


It feels so terrible having mouth sore. I have braces on but why on my outer lip part? HAHA. 

The day when Lucas Papaw arrived. I feel so lucky that I can it on right away for my review.

After putting it all day on my lips for ONLY a day, it's all gone! How great that product was! 
AND... Once you placed it on your lips, men! I swear it stays longer than you think. After I drink in a glass of juice, it stayed. After eating my dinner, it stayed. Even if I licked it few times, it just stayed and I think you have to take it off with a tissue, that's the only way I guess, how to get that off your lips. 
I also used it for insect bites, cut and yeah, burn. :(

Yes because...
  • It's very handy
  • It's attractive enough to caught your attention
  • Very affordable ( I got mine for only $6.49(279.07PHP))
  • Very effective
  • You can use it for Burns, Insect Bites, Dry Skin and so on..
  • Very tricky to open. Hihi. 
  • So promising to use

No because...
  • I have NO Negative thing to say about it. :) Just, they sell it really expensive here (I know, shipping and resellers,etc. ) And really hard to find. 

There yo go.. My OWN Review?Opinion about Lucas Papaw Ointment.
Thanks to Kat for buying me these... Yes, I got more than one. I got 2! :) 

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 xo, A. ❤


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