NARS Firming Foundation

I'm trying to bring you closer to me. LOL.
No! I want to make this review for those who want to know my verdict on this. 
AGAIN, I bought it for a cheaper price.
Any idea how much? :) 
Comment below and let's see who can get the BEST and RIGHT answer. :) 


  1. Well, it usually comes in price range of 2000+ PHP and above right? The one I saw was like 2700+

    But judging by how you're raving about this, you probably got it for 1000+ or even less. I've seen it being sold for as low as 750, but I've been avoiding those sales because they seem a bit dubious.

    PLEASE DO A REVIEW~ I've been looking for a new foundation :)


    1. Hey Ada! :) I think it's around 1,785 but I got it for a super cheaper price. LOL.
      I will do a review, it's on my drafts already. :) See you around! :)

    2. It's 27++. I reviewed this already! :) Please refer to this link. Thanks! :)

  2. Hmm...since you commented that you got at an even lower price than what Ada said.. maybe 500 php? xD

    waiting for the review, too! and I do wanna see your other NARS hauls. xDD


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