All about PINK Lipsticks.

THESE are just some of my pink lipsticks.
They are my favorites! :)

Lemme share them with you! :)

The first Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick I had were in the shade Love that 
Red, Mauvey and Skin.
I really didn't notice that they have these shades.

The Pinkier side of Pink Flame. It's Offbeat Pink

Pink Flame. My so fave! :) 

It's like the natural color of your lips. Honestly, this is the color of my lips whenever I wake up in the morning. It's just that this one's more matte and not so shiny and LOL of course,without saliva. HAHAHA. Kidding aside, i guess this is the natural color of my lips 'coz every time i put this on my lips?  it's like I'm not wearing it at all. 

I was surprised how the price went up that fast. 
It's  155.00PHP now. 
My first 3 pieces from the same line of collection was priced 125 and i got them on sale for only 99.00PHP.
Look how big that was but I guess it's worth it. Not only because it's way cheaper than other branded lipsticks but I guess it's the performance and the feeling of joy whenever you put it on your lips. :)
I would definitely recommend these babies to you girls incase you wanna go for a natural looking lipsticks. *wink* 

NYX Round Lipstick in Hot Pink. 

I got this from an event ( Super Sale Bazar ). Purchased this from  The Make Up Store last July. The variety of Pink lipsticks then was overwhelming that I event went gaga over them and I even swatched them all. LOL.
And I have decided to just get this one. 
It's 150.00PHP. 

Wet n' Wild in 5110B

I bought this last year with my sister. She got the 9110D ( RED ). This shade was so stunning that it glitters. 
It's very pigment, hard to swipe off on your lips. Eat and it will still stay. Rub and it will still AGAIN, Stay. :)
Great buy for this. :)
Got this for 299.00PHP I saw it in SM Megamall and was re-priced at 149.00PHP WT!!! But I will definitely purchase again. :) 

Onto the Swatches Ladies! :)

I hope you got some tips and tricks! :) Stay Confident on rockin' and putiing Make-ups! 

 xo, A. 

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