The Balm Bahhama Mama Vs. Fanny Serrano Two-way Cake

Since I have a rounded-square-edgy face and my cheeks are so HUGE I need to do some contouring. like A LOT. lol.

 Bahama Mama Bronzer by The Balm VS. Fanny Serrano Two-way Cake in Rajah

I am a smacker when it comes to the packaging. Read my post HERE
And look! How cute these babies are. :) 

Can you see the difference? :) The Bahama Mama looks more deeper than the FS. 

Now onto the Swatches. 

With natural lighting. 

Can you tell which suits your skin? 
The Bahama Mama gives a deeper and more contoured look than the FS which has a more orangey color ( and it doesn't fit to my skin that much ) What I do is that I blend them to give my cheekbones a more depth making sure that they blend really well. 

With Flash 

With the longevity of each product. I must say that both are long wearing. The FS kinda last for 8 to 9 hours while the BM lasted for 6-7 hours. 

Now, which of these two is your bet/ suits you? :) 
Prices: Bahama Mama by The Balm, 775/895PHP 
Fanny Serrano Two-way Cake, 399.75 PHP 

 xo, A. 


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