I Visited Schutzen at The World Trade Center

A usual Friday for me at work. Launching of my Year-end Giveaway (join here Year-end Giveaway). I went to Shangrila to meet my Blogger friends and we had a blast. All the way from ortigas, I went to MOA to have some dinner and yes, WENSHAV whick didn't push through because something came up. A better one. :) 
I got a call from Ms. Mau asking me if I can make it that night and so I said yes, since I was just around the area. She told me that she'll introduce me to the "man behind" Schutzen. :) 
I didn't even think twice when she told me that, I hired a taxi and push myself to World Trade Center. :)

 Finally, after minutes of looking(hard for me to look around, items are so damn tempting but I went there to do business HAHA.)
To my surprise, I saw this. I was like! At last!!! Haha. 
And oh.. Ms. Mau sent me some tix for the bazaar. :) 

I can see Schutzen!!! Gah!!! When I these babies? Grabe, nganga! There's so much style to choose from. I want them all. HAHA. 

There's a lot to choose from look. I'll show you some. :)

The super simple metallic notebook. 

Know this one? *wink* Got one of this but I got the smaller one. :) 

They are so vibrant to the eyes. I can stare to those all day! 

Know these girls? :)
Again, I'm giving away 10 of these. :)

Apart from Schutzen, Ms. Mau's selling clothes, accessorize and other stuffs. Pretty cool huh!? 
If you want some of them? Go Visit their booth at the WORLD TRADE CENTER. (Booth 819, beside the right entrance. Don't forget to say my name ha!)

Happy to be with these people. Ms. Mau and Mr. Hil of Schutzen. I have learned that trust is given to those who can. Thank you for the opportunity. I am so grateful to have you guys on my blog.

MORE TO COME. So watch out for that! :)  
A tea party? What do you think?
Comment below if you think that's a great idea. :) 


  1. Hi Ana :) the notebooks are adorable. Do they have planners?

    ♥ Shayne

  2. Hi Shayne!!! tes thry do. visit their booth and get one now. dont forget to say my name. haha.


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