The Body Shop Lip & Cheek Tint

Been seeing this poster/ad for quite long now.
Last, Wednesday(Nov. 28, 2012) I had to meet some new friends together with ♥. 
Had dinner at Congo Grille in El Pueblo in Ortigas. We went to The Podium to buy some stuffs for their child.
We went with them to look for a foundation. They went to a bookstore and I went to The Body Shop and saw this baby. The saleslady told me that the sale was until the end of November(but i think it's still available) only and as a impulsive buyer at times (HAHAHA) I meadiateley get my card and boom! swipe swipe! HAHA. And for the nth time, I finally got my hand on it for a cheaper price.

 From 795php to 395php why not? That is definitively a steal. It comes with a box and ready for Christmas. So if you are planning to give something for Christmas, add this to you list coz this is up for grabssss! Really!!!

The packaging is such a cutie! It really feels like Christmas. Don't you think? The touch of red is so vibrant and the design is so modern and very catchy! I love it!  

My very own. :)

My IG photo of it. (Follow me on IG: @lohla_ana)

What I really adore and like about The Body Shop? Prices don't change. If they first sell it for 599php at the end of the year or another it's still be 599php. Their fragrance line's in tacked and  always available. And they always marked down prices (items on sale) for their buyers. So I think this is a successful advertisement for them. They sell tons of product and still others don't appreciate them because of  other items. But to add, they're making us happy and wellllll... contented. Thanks The Body Shop! 

Oh! They are offering ready-to-give packages. Items in set that are packed in a beautiful containers/boxes etc. :) Go visit them now! 

I am having an ongoing giveaway sisters! 


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 xo, A. 


  1. Ganda ng bagong blog! Super love the theme - pink!:) Nasa wishlist ko tong lip and cheek tint but I decided to go with benetint nalang. Nakasale hehe! Let me know if you're going to do a review :)

    1. I'll make one maybe later or tomorrow :)gusto ko ng benetint!!! :( Hihi.


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