NARS Firming Foundation in Sta Fe

PRODUCT: NARS Firming Foundation in  Sta Fe.

Product Description: (NARS says...) :A medium-to-full coverage firming foundation. 
What it does:NARS Firming Foundation lifts, strengthens, and protects the skin with a patented Polypeptide Firming Complex. Appropriate for all skin types, this naturally pigmented blend offers lasting coverage while restoring new levels of beauty to the skin. In addition to firming, powerful antioxidants will combat free radical damage to improve the skin's health and reveal a brighter, more radiant complexion.What else you need to know: The Polypeptide Firming Complex utilizes a potent combination of Dermaxyl, Vitamin E Acetate, peptides, and plant extracts to relax facial muscles, reduce inflammation, and promote collagen production. Skin is visibly lifted and feels significantly firmer after eight weeks.

STORE/PLACE BOUGHT: From a friend of mine.
PRICE: (Selling at P2,750) Got it for 2000php ONLY, BRANDNEW  (disconnected product)

I am really craving for some NEW foundation for my up coming gigs and yeah for my personal use as well. So, I went to Rustan's in Shang and find what product line and shade I need. Then a friend told me that she's selling this foundation and I told her I want it and ill get it. Good thing that this perfectly matches my skin tone. Lucky Me huh?! :)

The Product: 

The  box  really looks elegant and  sophisticated.

This perfectly fits me! Sta. Fe! :)

The so kinda like scratch proof/matte container. :)  

I was actually scared to purchase products with this  kind of pump but this one? I love it! It's very easy to use. Pump it and it 'll give you the right amount that you want. :)

The Swatch: 

 The foundation  is so rich in consistency and yes, it's really easy to blend on your skin.  It has no smell  that can stay and clog on you pores . Plus it really dries so fast, I was shocked! LOL.  The coverage, again is  buildable. I was amazed on how it  simply fills the lines on my face, particularly around the eye and nose area then I remembered, it's a Firming Foundation. Funny me!

I swatched it on my face of course, but forgot to take photos. :( I applied it around 6:30am and after an hour 
 of travelling, I didn't notice any changes or what on my face especially on the eye and nose area. After 8 hours of work, it's still stayed on my face without any blotting the oil or dubbing powder. Nice performance huh?!
But you need at least 8 weeks for the firming effect! On that note, HAHAHAHA. Goodluck! I need to save this and i hope it last for 8 weeks!  I don't wanna splurge on something this expensive. LOL.

There you go, your request, something from NARS again. :)
Here's the nice part. I am selling this for a cheaper price. Please do email me and yes, let's do business. :)

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 xo, A. 


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  2. i really love the design of this foundie, but too bad it's opaque i can't see what's gonna be left after usage... but overall i think this one's a steal! thanks for the review

    1. Hey rose! that is maybe the cons of this product, and too bad it's a disconnected product already.


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