Diana Stalder's SBF Collagen Cream

Hi Girls!!!
I know it's been a while since I last posted a review post. 
The Christmas rush in the office were so tight that we need to finish all the works before we hit the sack for few days. :)

I got this from the Blogger Event of Diana Stalder (What happened? read HERE) wherein they gave us this as a plus from the loot bag. So generous!!!
And honestly, that night when I got home, I opened it and yeah, used it already. :) 


It was tightly sealed which is better to prevent it from any harmful bacteria's and all. It's in a circular jar that has a cover on top. But I think, this is better if put in a tube to have a control over the product than dipping your bare fingers on it for almost everyday. But this is fine though, it is so handy and light. 

Instructions at the back. As far as I know, This is make up foundation that has a sunscreen and moisturizer component on it.  Dra. of DS said that she used this over and over again. When I saw her I was like what foundation is she using? I asked her and she answered me quickly "Oh just the Collagen". I was surprised, "Was that a what???" I replied, then she hand this to me. :)  

Cap out. 


It's basically a cream. The smell is so aromatic (even if you put it on your face already), kinda strong and I bet, it won't go inside your pores because after I put some on my face I kinda feel that my face tightens and moisturizes a bit. Even my "someone" loves to use it. Since he has a dry skin because of the weather condition, he always ask me to put some on his face. And since it's getting cold because the season, I guess this is a perfect skincare to put inside your bag. :)
After applying it on my bare face after bath, it gives my skin a soft and glowing look.

I use this as a base though. This actually comes with 2 shades I guess, to match your skin's color as well. Not only it protects your skin the the UV rays and moisturizes it, it also helps your skin to look young and fresh.
The price is so reasonable, 250 pesos ONLY.  
So, visit the nearest Diana Stalder and get yours NOW! :) 

 xo, A. 

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