BBfied HD BB Pigment Mix

A lot of people have been asking me about this. 
So here, I make a review just for all of you. 

First I got this from SNOE's Blogger Event (read HERE)  which I got from the box they gave (read HERE) that night. Thank you for being so generous Ms. Jen! :)

So, what is a pigment? 
Some would ask what does it do, what's the difference between a pigment and an ordinary powder. 

pigment is a material that changes the color of reflected or transmitted light as the result of wavelength-selective absorption. This physical process differs from fluorescencephosphorescence, and other forms of luminescence, in which a material emits light.


Actually, this is just a sample and I haven't bought the bigger one. 
With this, It's in a circular jar that has holes at the center.
The outer part of the design or layout of the product is very attractive yet simple. So genius!!! 

Pigments appear the colors they are because they selectively reflect and absorb certain wavelengths of visible light


Well, of course it really smells like powder but it is more aromatic and it actually kinda smells like it has a choco component something in it. And the pigment looks so rich and the consistency of it's smoothness is so favorable for a mid half coverage that it can give you. I really like it.

In this photo you can see how smooth my skin looks after I applied it. It kinds look thick but it doesn't smear like any other powder gives. 

Now, I think I need to buy a bigger one. The real one! 
Thank you SNOE for this!!!

 xo, A. 

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