Come closer Repetto.

I have been wanting to be part of any ballet organizations or maybe just a class or so.
Since I met my friend way back in 90's whose attending her Ballet class then, I get envy of her and started to ask my mama if I can join her. But, she didn't allowed me for a simple reason that our home is so far from the studio where she's having her class.

And so... I listed that down to my Someday... DREAMS..

I started to feel envy every time I see kids with there (pointe) ballet shoes on and wearing those little tiny ballerina dress. :)

Flats are so in at the moment. We call it flats or ballet shoes. And maybe because of  the comfort it gives to our restless feet and the designs are getting bigger and better from time to time. I have like 8 pairs of them and yeah, planning to buy more and I found this store in Greenbelt named REPETTO. 

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Repetto is a French ballet shoes company created in 1947 by Rose Repetto. Madam Repetto produced her first pair of ballet shoes at the request of her son, dancer and choreographer, Roland Petit. The shoe later became the brand of every ballet dancer. The company later expanded and the rest was history.

Repetto is finally available in the Philippine market. It has opened its first boutique in a high end mall. Being in that location, I know that each pair of Repetto is priced like gold. True enough, a pair would cost around Php 8,000 to Php 15,000 (around $ 200 to 380). Whew! 

History here

Jeez! I thought I can own a pair from them easily but I guess I need to save more for this! :)

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There's a lot to consider when purchasing an item. (I know! I know! HAHA) It sounds forgiving, but those shoes? I know this is worth my money. HAHA.
Now they have a store here in the philippines and is located in Greenbelt 3, Makati. 
I'm really not sure if ill visit them again 'coz it really sucks to go out of their store with holding nothing. HAHA. 

This might be on my wishlist. HAHA.


  1. i love ballet too >_< i wish i can but well too late. maybe if i have daughter someday lol

    im following your blog. maybe follow me back? ^^

    1. Hi! I don't think it's too late. :) Maybe I will enroll myself this coming summer. :) Thank you! I will. :)

  2. Ballet flats from Repetto are so expensive! :| Try Yosi Samra - for the same or cheaper price, it's much softer and more flexible :)


    1. Hi Ms. Shari! :) Hmm.. It is expensive! So expensive. haha. Im gonna look for that. Thank you!


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