Photojeepney Giveaway!

Hey everyone!

How have you been? I am so busy with work and with my doggies, as usual. HAHA. Anyway, So I got this fave picture of mine and I want it to look better, just an idea before. Then, I forgot how it did all started but yeah, I registered in Photojeepeney I think a month ago or so? So, they gave me a code to use for their team to somehow enhance a photo of mine, MY FAVORITE photo in I should say. Then, I though of this!

You guys know how much I adore him. *giggles* 
So I sent them a copy of this and let's see what they did. *wink*

Look!!! So gwapo! HAHA. See how they did with my oh-so-favorite photo? 
Now, they gave me 10 coupons to give to you, my friends. 

Would you like to won one? 

Please join our Mini Giveaway and win a coupon. 

Thank you, ladies! See you on my next Giveaway!!! 

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