2 days before the 2013 ends.

Hello everyone!

I woke up feeling a bit tired and upset of what I thought to do the whole day. Then again, I have to move my ass off my bed to work. I know it's a Holiday but you can't blame me. I don't want work to get in me once Holiday is over. I hate pending workloads so I've decided to go out and travel miles away from home. From Las PiƱas to Vito Cruz along Taft area. Brought my 2 laptops with me, Once is for work and one is for personal use. 

I was here around 2pm and can you see the surrounding? It's like a ghost town because I'm used to see this SB Branch full, like everyday. To whatever reason why I'm here, I don't want to get into details. What I just need is a diversion and something to drink to calm me down.

So here, let me share my OOTD of the day. A simple way of sharing my ootd. 

My Lipsy watch. Aside from I can't go out of the house without a sunblock and curling my eyelashes.  I really can't go out without wearing any watch. 

My love for rings. Got these from Forever 21. Reminds me of my rings that mom gave to me years back. A versatile way of wearing it. 

Got these years back. What I like about TOMS is that they have this goal to help. For every pair you buy from them they're cutting off at least a small amount for those people who are most in need of shoes. Visit their page to know more about them. 

My "agaw eksenang" long sleeves. Thank you dear Mish for this. 

And after a few hours of sitting and doing work. I'm on my second venti. 
I'm now relieve and going back home. My "me" time today is so far one of the memorable cos it's unplanned. HAHA. 

As we say goodbye to 2013, may we find more Peace and Happiness in 2014! 
Happy New Year to us all! 

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