New Years Eve + Welcoming 2k14 with Resolutions.

Happy New Year Everyone! 

How was your celebration? Mine was just a simple but most remembered one. Basically, I celebrated it with my whole family along with my partner  and 2 doggies, KD & DK.  2k13 has been so good to me in everything but I'm looking forward for more this 2k14. So, yearly, when I was a kid my parents would always buy us new clothes, shoes and bags for Christmas and New Year but who doesn't get old? I mean, we will come to realize that everything has an end and I think I've arrived to that point already. I buy my own clothes these days, shoes and bags as in everything I have at this point came from my own money. The feeling was so delightful and I am so amazed that these things could happen. 

Yearly, we come to realize that we have to change for the better and that we are not getting any younger. So, my realization is always  at the end of the year or at the beginning. Does that make any sense? Coz sometimes realization is just passing by you when you have to. You couldn't make any realization without doing any wrong or so. Right? Well, that is just my opinion ha! 

It's a girl thing. My partner was asking me, where'd you get that? Were you able to stand when in them? I was like, Yes! Of course and he would just shake his head. HAHA. Prolly he wanted to tell me that it would be best to just wear flats or slippers. Boys will be boys they wouldn't understand us, girls. HAHAHA. 

I'm loving my knuckle rings from F21 and XOXO silver watch. 

Looks like I gained from Christmas and Parties just so last year. HAHA. That is one of my goals this year. I have a lot but I would rather do it than to just keep listed on my journal. Weight is now a so serious matter to talk about and we should be very careful in everything we take inside our body. I will definitely update you on this as I take myself to the next level of dieting. HAHA. No but seriously, I'm aiming a weight to just live my life lighter than last year. So, what are your resolutions that you would rather do that to just say it? 

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