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Hello Hello!

I was at work yesterday and my boss wast not around *is that a good thing?* Along with my 2 girl officemates, I asked, if they want to order,too. We did like look for hours and from time to time we kept  on changing orders cos Zalora indeed has a lot t offer. I got 2 in transit now and they also got 2 each. A total of 6 shoes are in transit and we just can't wait! We are expecting it anytime soon. But we are also expecting that our order will be in delivered earlier than expected. My other officemate got his in just a day, meaning he got his the day after his purchase. How fast, right?

This is not my first time to order and can I just tell that I'm really into online shopping now and I'm having a hard time controlling it. HAHA. I'll get over this someday, I know.

Been eyeing to this since last year and I just gave in. I need something that will stay with me at work for a long time and I think this will do the justice to my job description. I need something that will keep me standing after a few minutes haggling to reach our floor level so, I think this is just right. 

It was my first time to see this item and I was like "is this new"? I also got this cox I need a more formal one for meetings. Need I say more? Shopping online makes our life easier, yes, but it somehow need to be controlled. Some of us find shopping really therapeutic and it really is but there are just some consideration to consider. Like, in what event are we gonna use this or the budget, sometimes if we can just adjust or recycle things to save. We can easily figure out if we just like the item or we need it. As for me, I  need them though have a lot, I still need them and hat's not an excuse  ha! 

Zalora is still on sale so try to check them out. You might find something you need. Been so satisfied with their payment options, most especially their "COD" or Cash on Deposit. Like most people shopping online, I have work and  I don't have enough time to pay thru bank. A simple way will make a very big difference and Zalora nailed it! 

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