Back2Back Haul

It's 2013 and I need  to fulfill  what I listed on my resolutions.
And one of those are to post more of my hauls and buy more. HAHA.
Will share  my back to back online haul. 

While browsing my newsfeed on facebook, I saw this post. 
Sophia Eyelash Enhancer, for only 999PHP? From 2750PHP? 
That's a HUGE off from the original prize. Isn't it?  

I was like WAW! That's a steal! So I went to their website and "BUY NOW".  ^_^

After the payment has been made, within 17 hours,have passed and whaaala! I got my package and that was fast.
Thanks Virginia Olsen

Been hearing about this since last year and Imma give it a try. 

Another one is the Shu Uemura's Eyelash Curler in Silver. I got it from Stuffinstyle 
Since the 20% discount is till on last week, this is definitely a steal for only 600PHP from 850PHP.
I was actually eyeing for the gold and/or Karl L. one but they seem to be out of stock that time on multiply. But, I think the seller still have the gold when I purchased it already. SAD! 

Got my hands on it in less than 24 hours. Amazing couriers! :) 
And Sellers too. Thanks Ms. Windy! :)
Second purchase from her. 

TADA!!! :)
Though it's not GOLD, it's fine. At least I'm lucky to own one. :)
And I'm so happy that I got some new toys to play with.

 xo, A. 

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