Landmark Haul. 02.02.13

After the Fine One One Emergency Workshop of Benefit and Askmewhats together with Gen of GenzelKisses  we went shopping

I think I have an affair with leggings, I honestly have 18 + this so, it's 19 now. :) Gen also bought 1 of that in orange.
And this Yellow zebra printed top got my attention. :)
Although it's in our grandmas section, I don't mind, As long as it fits me I'll buy it. :)

These lovely colors also got my attention and I saw an instant matte finish for all nail polishes got me insane. I tried it and yes! It works so well! :) Review SOON. :)

And ALSO, an affair with gorgeous HUGE necklaces. :)

Isn't that beautiful? :) Gah! 

And this BAG! Which Gen got one also but in black. We were torn what to get. I don't know how to "make kwento" what actually happened, but that was one hilarious decision making moment with my blogger friend and sister by heart gen. :)) 

How beautiful the chains are. :) 

Very attractive huh?! :) Gorgeous color! :)

Space is enough for my things. I'm actually trying to survive the "bring just the important things" phase. This will help me to be more organize with just few things that i barely need for a day. :) Woooh! Wish me luck on this! :)

 xo, A. 

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  1. I love the bag and the necklace! Awesome haul Sis! :)

    I have an ongoing INTERENATIONAL GIVEAWAY up on my blog. :)

    Hope you could join!:)


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