Neutrogena Wave

Hello everyone!

So, I got this I think since the first quarter of the year and I almost forgot that all this time it was still on my draft box. I saw this through Vannesa Hudgens in a magazine page then I basically look for one and lead me to this online store named Organic Square but first saw this from Eyahnism Check her blog, too. 

It it battery operated and it comes with a free one. Generous enough! HAHA.
The pad that you will going to use. What I do is that I use this twice a week. Keeping then in a clean container. 

So, those are the pads that you can actually buy individually per pack. And they also have variety of pads. 

Perfect match! St. Ives Fresh Skin in Apricot Scrub. (Review HERE
You can use any scrub you want for as long as you think that  it can sustain the massaging motion of the machine.

In a running water, slowly wet the pad avoiding the product to wash off. 

Then, gently pat and massage it on you face. 

It will visibly show you the result in no time. A fresher and cleaner face.

And just after using it, the pad will much more look like this. 
Now, it will depend on you if you want it to use it again or you should you if you can still use it or not. 

 xo, A. 

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  1. I love this too!!! Plus it's cheap. Never tried to use it with St. Ives tho. I love the green cloth background.

    Oh, I thought you saw this from Eyahnism? I saw mine from her since she introduced Organic Square. :)

    Nice review sis. :)

    1. Oh yeah. Oo nakita ko din to sakanya. Straight ko ng sinabi na sa Oraganic Square. HAHA. Edit ko nga. Nakoo alam mo yang freen cloth na yan sis. :) Suot ko nung Etude House Event. LOL.


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